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  1. Thanks for your input! I spoke with a family member who is a chiropractor & he said to ask my doctor to check...
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a connection between Celiac and osteo/nerve issues? Are Celiacs prone to osteopathic...
  3. pondy

    Anyone From Wisconsin?

    Hi & welcome! I'm a fellow Wisconsonite - from West Bend - probably a little over an hour north of you.
  4. Here's what helps me with "C" : MiraLax - 17g twice daily as needed Senna tablets - 1 tab twice daily as needed. ...
  5. pondy

    Thought For The Day

    Here's another... "THE LARGE PRINT GIVETH And the small print taketh away"... Tom Waits
  6. pondy

    Thought For The Day

    "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!!"... Author Unknown Oh yeah, "If you're tired of shopping, sit down and...
  7. sreese68, Thank you for the inspiring post!! So great to read something uplifting! I'm happy for you
  8. Hi kimliz59, I can relate to the 'C' issues because I've been dealing with it for years - before and after being diagnosed...
  9. I was told, by both my doctor and the radiology tech, that pelvic ultrasounds can show different things on different...
  10. Do you have pain or tenderness? Just two weeks ago I had all of the symptoms that you described, but I also developed...
  11. Hi, Is anyone able to recommend some safe places to dine out in the Bentonville/Fayetteville Arkansas area? I'm going...
  12. UKGail, Thanks for the information & the link! I will mention this condition to my doctor. Much appreciated...
  13. Thanks Irish Heart! I'm glad your tinnitus & headaches have lightened up! The neurosurgeon was uninterested...
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm having some strange things going on... Since Feb. 10th I've had a headache that comes & goes...
  15. My GI put me on MiraLax and 1 Senna tablet twice a day - great combo for me, works very well. MiraLax is gluten free...