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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Thanks for your input! I spoke with a family member who is a chiropractor & he said to ask my doctor to check me out for 'thorasic output syndrome', so that's on my to-do list. I worried about a TIA also, especially considering my history. Obviously I need more testing - symptoms are still present. To twe0708 - 'neuropathy problems'? Could you elaborate? Do you know what the testing is for that? Everything you mentioned, I have had also at different times recently. Thanks & Take Care! Pondy
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a connection between Celiac and osteo/nerve issues? Are Celiacs prone to osteopathic or nervous tissue degenerative diseases? My history - diagnosed with Celiac about 3 yrs. ago - gluten free ever since. Since then, internal carotid dissections and aneurysms thought to be caused by Fibromuscular Displaysia, Tension Migraines. Recently - waking up from sound sleep with burning pain - left side only - from neck/chest/shoulder down to fingers. Pain feels like it's deep in the bone. Occurs a couple times per week with varying severity. It does not seem to matter what I'm doing - sleeping, driving, just sitting there... After the pain (and sometimes along with it) comes numbness, sometimes tingling. I ask because I just came from the hospital for such pain. I thought I had suffered a heart attack. I didn't. My doctors are bewildered and so am I. I have a follow up with my primary next week and I'd like to offer some ideas as to what they might want to check for. Thanks for your input!
  3. Anyone From Wisconsin?

    Hi & welcome! I'm a fellow Wisconsonite - from West Bend - probably a little over an hour north of you.
  4. Here's what helps me with "C" : MiraLax - 17g twice daily as needed Senna tablets - 1 tab twice daily as needed. *I would start with one or the other, just once a day.* My "C" is chronic, hence the larger doses... Also, probiotics like Culturelle seem to help. As others have mentioned, try avoiding soy, dairy & sugar. Good luck to you!
  5. Here's another... "THE LARGE PRINT GIVETH And the small print taketh away"... Tom Waits
  6. "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!!"... Author Unknown Oh yeah, "If you're tired of shopping, sit down and try on shoes!"... also Author Unknown
  7. sreese68, Thank you for the inspiring post!! So great to read something uplifting! I'm happy for you
  8. Hi kimliz59, I can relate to the 'C' issues because I've been dealing with it for years - before and after being diagnosed with Celiac & going gluten free. Here's my "fix"... MiraLax twice daily, Culturelle probiotic every morning, 1 Senna tablet every night. This combination has made a huge difference, I'm happy to say! Just recently I started a very low dose of Citrucel fiber (only 2 teaspoons once a day) to help bulk things up. So far, so good. Other things that help me... Quitting dairy & soy, blanching my veggies - raw ones are too tough on my GI system, taking a brisk walk every day. Question: have you had blood tests done to rule out any vitamin deficiencies or thyroid issues? Might be something to consider. Regarding the anxiety - how long have you been gluten free? People can go through a period of withdrawal (from gluten), which could possibly be a cause of anxiety. I have that issue too... for me - exercise helps & avoiding soy & sugar & processed foods helps. Of course, I'm on a medication for it also - it's been an ongoing issue. Best to you! Pondy
  9. I was told, by both my doctor and the radiology tech, that pelvic ultrasounds can show different things on different days - I know, it sounds ridiculous, right? The reason my latest ultrasound showed nothing was because there was too much stool in the way - sorry for TMI I know I have/had an ovarian cyst because they saw it on a scan 10 months ago. Like I said, I had your EXACT symptoms. At my last doctor visit, they said a repeat ultrasound would be necessary if the symptoms continued. It all lasted about 8 days, then just vanished! Weird stuff! Just an FYI - for the extreme gas, I got down on the floor and did stretching and massaging of my abdomen. It helped to release some of the pressure. Prior to that, I could barely stand upright! I also tried to do lots of walking (outside, alone that also helped to relax me somewhat. All best, Pondy
  10. Do you have pain or tenderness? Just two weeks ago I had all of the symptoms that you described, but I also developed pain & pressure behind my bellybutton. It then radiated to the right side. My doctor ordered a pelvic ultrasound to rule out something ovary related - the test showed nada & the symptoms just went away. For me too, the symptoms started a few days after my period. My doctor said ovarian cysts could cause those symptoms - they typically resolve themselves... I sympathize with you! I know all that pressure & bloating is SO incredibly uncomfortable! Sorry I don't have any answers for you - just hugs & hoping you feel better soon! Pondy
  11. Hi, Is anyone able to recommend some safe places to dine out in the Bentonville/Fayetteville Arkansas area? I'm going there to visit my sister in early April... Thanks so much! Pondy
  12. UKGail, Thanks for the information & the link! I will mention this condition to my doctor. Much appreciated!
  13. Thanks Irish Heart! I'm glad your tinnitus & headaches have lightened up! The neurosurgeon was uninterested in my symptoms... he recommended a neurologist and possibly an ENT. For either one, I need a referral from my primary - which maybe I can get on Monday. I don't know... maybe it is related to the weird lump on my skull. Ugh! I thought that maybe a vitamin or mineral deficiency could be a contributing factor - something with an easy fix!
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm having some strange things going on... Since Feb. 10th I've had a headache that comes & goes - but it came on like a freight train - sudden & really severe & with blurred vision. It was the worst ever! It lasted 5 full days! Since then, the headaches have been daily & intermittent. I've been irritated by hearing my heartbeat - loud & pounding - in my right ear. I believe it's called "pulsatile tinnitus". It's worse at night while I'm lying down. Movement does not seem to matter.. I've not ingested gluten - as far as I know. I'm dairy free, soy free. I had an MRI - normal except for a calcified mass on my scalp/skull which the neurosurgeon is going to remove. I go to physical therapy for neck and shoulder tension. I'm stumped about the ear thing ( the headaches too, as I'm not prone to them). Has anyone here experienced anything like this? I have an appoinent with my regular doctor on Monday - just wondering if anyone has any insight as to what tests I might request. Thanks for any & all input!
  15. My GI put me on MiraLax and 1 Senna tablet twice a day - great combo for me, works very well. MiraLax is gluten free, as is generic Walgreens brand Senna. GI also said the fact that I take Culturelle probiotic will help - I have to agree. I've been pretty much 'regular' ever since being on it. Don't forget the water - lots of it! As for extra fiber... that approach is a no go (pun intended) for me. For whatever reason, too much roughage only binds me up.