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Celiac confirmed in February, 2001 by Endoscopy and Blood Test.

History of Anxiety, GI issues

Deficient in vitamins D and B, Neuro issues

  1. I'm cooking a beef roast with baby carrots, onion, celery & turnip... ahhh, comfort food!
  2. I have sensitive skin on top of celiac. What has worked the BEST for me is this... Tea Tree bar soap - Desert Essence brand - for face & body. Unscented Desert Essence Organics brand face & body lotion (very emollient, NOT watery). Lip Tints - Desert Essence Organics brand. Ecco Bella...
  3. Some of my neurological symptoms are difficulty concentrating, balance issues & forgetfulness. I have lab orders in for a B12 level check. I have not seen a neurologist yet. Anyway, these symptoms are almost constant - accidentally glutened or not.
  4. I take MiraLax twice daily - that's the non generic polyethylene glycol. Been doing this since my hospitalization two months ago - so far it has worked. I also drink at least 4 liters of water each day & try to avoid processed foods.
  5. Thanks for the responses! I'm drinking tons of water, but not passing stool since yesterday afternoons D episode. I took the Berry Smoothie Redi-Cat 2. Yeah, maybe it wasn't gluten free. Whomever I spoke to in the Imaging scheduling department did tell me "of course it's gluten free" - now...
  6. Here's a couple questions for those out there who've had the "pleasure" of having a CT Scan with Barium Sulfate & the Iodine Sol. IV... Because I'm prone to severe C, I did about 1/2 of a mild enema when I got home. My colon moves slowly, to say the least. No way I wanted a toxic heavy...
  7. did you take a picture of my cat? he/she looks just like my beanie. LOL!

  8. Many thanks to everyone here for your replies! I saw my G.I - he told me to use the MiraLax 3 times per day (just as someone here suggested ). I'm happy to say that I'm finally getting back to normal! Don't know if it's the fruit & veggies, the tons of water, or the MiraLax...
  9. Thank you everyone for all of your ideas! It's going on six days now... no movement. Tomorrow I see my G.I so I will ask about the Magnesium. I'm already taking MiraLax - no results yet. A doctor told me that the large intestines experience "shock" after a colonoscopy, and that it is not...
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm suffering from chronic constipation and I'm wondering if anyone here has found any effective remedies. Yesterday I had 10 (yes, 10) tap water enemas at the hospital prior to my colonoscopy. This was after having taken the full course of colon prep the day before! I had no...
  11. Burning pain in upper right abdominal area, ribcage and joint pain, lower back pain, headache, "out of it" feeling - difficulty concentrating & finding the right words, memory lapses. Most recently, itchy rash.
  12. Thank you for sharing your experience as well as your wisdom. Towel drying after a shower is a big issue for me also. I have not heard of trigger point therapy, although I see that my YMCA offers trigger point massage. I'd like to check it out, though not now. Just the thought of a massage...
  13. Thank you so very much! It feels great to be among people who "get it"! I've felt very dismissed by some of the professionals I've seen. Granted, I had worked myself into a panic because I was so worried - I knew something wasn't right. Now that the Celiac has been confirmed (by an upper...
  14. Does anyone experience skin pain and sensitivity? This seems so strange, but every time I'm touched, I just flinch because it irritates my skin. This is especially true of my shoulders and back. The friction of putting lotion on my shoulders is so bad - I use baby oil instead because I can...