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  1. itchy: Thank you for feedback. Apart from the communion host, have been gluten-less. Have noticed more symptoms and intolerance to being unknowningly glutinized. Vomiting, or diarrhea, and rash. Can change to non gluten host. Have not been eating any gluten for seven days. Would this(one host) be enough to outbreak in severe rash? It is ongoing this week as have been working in the garden and live in sunny climate. Also, noticed perspiration aggrevates the rash, making it feel like I am being stabbed with miniture hot pokers...and it burns with new lesions. Have decided to see a dermatologist. I was diagnosed in 1987 by MD that said never should I eat wheat or oats, that I had absorbtion problem with digestion. That I would be living with this forever. Never said the "C" word! Just stated that I had Epstein-Barr Virus. Have had all the classic auto immune issues, including Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Current primary care physcian said what difference did it make if having the actual diagnosis? Couldn't I just continue to not eat wheat or oats? Tested negative with the old stand by lab test...had not ingested gluten. However, had a 15 pound weight loss, and this horrific rash. The lab techs actually had to go into the lab manual and dust if off, and called a supervisor when preparing to draw for this labtest!!! I am learning from this forum that one has to be eating gluten to test conclusively. Another physcian anonymously, stated "they" avoid that diagnosis because it could interferre with getting health insurance in future. I know this to be true with another person. Why do I want diagnosis? Because I "fool" myself into thinking that there is nothing wrong with me. Another physcian ( I work around physcians) told me to timeline a history of ailments since 1987. What a shocker....classic Celiac (according to Mayo Clinic Website). Also, am in the risk group of Northern European heritage. Have had many of my relatives just die, spontaneously...cardiac. And at a young age, without any known high blood pressure or cardiac dysfunctions. This would be the relatives that all share B type blood. Curious. Probably TMI, however have been feeling very isolated with these problems. Am tired of people thinking that I am a hypochondriac.....I take very good care of myself. So until this forum, have been just keeping my mouth shut, even with my PCP. KRobie.
  2. That answers many questions, thank you. Specifically, have been outdoors in a blissful state of gardening, and in the sun. Without iodine supplemented, I will have cardiac arrythmias,(PVC). So severe my idodine depletion, with stress (night shift work) landed me in the hospital in near cardiac arrest. Iodine is an essential diet supplementation. Have been getting gluten by means of communion host. Can get a gluten free host, will work it out. Hmm, old lesions....another puzzle solved. And why antihistamines do not work. Despite trepidation of not having iodine in supplements, will back off. Thank you for your time and attention.
  3. I am feeling your pain. Yes, the social aspect is beyond discouraging. Went to a social event today, it was announced that there was "vegetarian and gluten-free" lunch options. I was handed a really messy looking salad, brown lettuce, chopped celery and chopped carrots....with whole wheat club crackers. UGH. I too am way tired of salads. However, I was prepared this time. Had a gluten free protein drink handy. Even drinking it warm was better than an empty stomach. So I am learning. One of the worst reactions to date was my Dad bought me a loaf of gluten free bread at the local gluten-free bakery. I forgot and put the safe bread in the toaster right after wheat bread. Had severe swelling in my ankles most noticably, and also in the face and tongue. Also had abominal pain. So much to learn, have to be proactive for myself...it is unrealistic for me to expect others to "get this..gluten-free business." I am an excellent cook, and master at the picnic lunch. Have been reactive to wheat,oats, rye for the last 3 years. Even though diagnosed in 1987. Avoidance of complaining. Most people think you are mentally daft..."Sensitive." So, if the office is eating Pizza. Its, no thank you, thank you for offerring, etc. You could keep a frozen glutin free pizza in the break room. Thanks for letting me sound off as well.
  4. Is DH triggered by iodine or gluten....? Or stress? This is the most painfully itching condition...broke out today on scalp, and every crease on torso....this is the second major outbreak in the last year. Will try the silver creme...what about antihistimine? Dislike just throwing anything into my body for relief. Calamine helps for a few hours. Help. Thanks.
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