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  1. Hi all, I'm a newbe and I really appreciate your time in reading this and/or responding with your own situation. Sorry, some of this might be too graphic, but I need help:) My son Jack is 20 months. For the past months (really since I can remember back) he has been having diarhea 2+ times a day. It's a brick orange color, terrible smell, and has lots of undigested food. He also has very rough skin on his thighs and arms that won't respond to lotions of any sort. He has constant red diaper rash that sometimes bleeds. He is sick all the time with colds, ear infections, 2 bouts of pneaumonia, runny nose, coughs, fevers, etc. His cheeks are permanantly red and his nose is a strange orange color. He is of good height and weight, but his stomach is huge, almost like a frog belly. He has made his milestones, however each one was a little late. He gets up frequently in the night as well and screams. He also wants to eat all day long, huge amounts, and is almost pannicky about food. The doctor diagnosed him with "toddler diarhea" but I'm not sure if there is more to his little story. Right now I try and feed him mostly all natural, 50% organic, whole foods. He gets treats about once a week like pizza and ice cream, but for the most part he loves all food. Any thoughts ideas/similar experiences?Thank you in advance!
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