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  1. I had a similar experience I had a lichen planus diagnosis, too but tested negatively for DH. (Not convinced the dr. did the biopsy correctly, however.) A few years earlier, I had a related condition that resulted in a few patches of permanent hair loss. Yet, I was covered with DH so I eliminated gluten and the DH sores went away. The dr. couldn't explain the discrepancy but said since elimiInating gluten made the rash go away, I should stick with it. I don't really mind being gluten free anyway. Seems like people around me mind it more than I do! Oh, I also have another autoimmune condition, Hashimoto's Disease (thyroid).
  2. Here's my understanding of the hypothyroid/iodine/DH Catch 22. Thyroid hormone -- and thyroid hormone replacement, no matter what kind you take-- contains iodine atoms. There's not extra iodine added, its basic structure contains iodine. For example, the dose of Armour I was taking -- 240mg -- provided three-fifths of my daily iodine requirement. BTW, I stepped back slightly to 210 mg and my lesions greatly improved.
  3. I, too, got negative results in my tests for celiac/DH -- blood test and skin rash biopsy. My rash was ultimately diagnosed as "lichen planus" yet, I will tell you, if I go near wheat or gluten, the rash reappears and presents exactly like DH. My dermatologist told me to avoid gluten if I find it aggravates the rash. She said, "You know your body best." I was the one who told HER about the correlation between DH and iodine. Going on a low iodine diet for two weeks, and reducing my armour thyroid dose (it's full of iodine,) dramatically improved my rash. Despite what the lab tests say, I know I have DH. I hear you -- it's extremely frustrating not to have a definitive answer, but you'll have to find out by trial and error. If you eat pizza and the next morning the rash has blossomed and is burning, you'll know, no matter what the lab tests say.
  4. Are you sure the Vitamin E lotion doesn't have gluten? Sometimes Vitamin E is wheat germ oil.
  5. I've been strictly avoiding iodine for the last two weeks and my DH has waned -- but only a little. The problem is -- I do have Hashimoto's disease and need to take thyroid hormone every morning. Apparently, all thyroid medications have substantial amounts of iodine. I've read that Armour Thyroid, the natural dessicated hormone, contains 1/5 the daily required amt. of iodine per 60 m dose. Since I take 240 m, I'm getting 4/5 of my iodine before I even eat anything. How can I possibly reduce iodine if I have to take my thyroid medication every morning? Is anyone else dealing with this issue? Does Synthroid contain much less iodine? (I'd rather stick with Armour if I can since I felt soooooo exhausted on Synthroid.) My doctor, who's great, doesn't know anything about the DH/iodine connection, so I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences.
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