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  1. I have just went through what has proven to be a horrible, sleepless night thanks to Kraft Miracle Whip Light. Despite what it says, it is absolutely NOT gluten free. I've been a celiac for several years, and have gotten my diet down to a science. Thus, I seldom have attacks anymore, thank goodness. Recently I decided to get some light miracle whip just for a change of pace...not to mention I love the taste. I put some on my chicken, and 2 hours later, wham. Now, I know it couldn't be anything else I ate, because I made everything else from scratch, and thus had total control. The miracle whip was the only questionable item. I noticed that its 4th ingredient was modified food starch. The only allergen listed was egg, even though it also contained soybean oil. Needless to say, I don't trust Kraft anymore. I believe that they are lazy with their ingredient list. I believe that their modified food starch was in fact wheat-based. I will never buy anything from them again unless they start being more accountable for their labeling.
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