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  1. I spent most of my day at the library with Clifford, Curious George and listening to a band singing math songs to classic rock songs (ex. Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith was Calculators) and then we took the girls for ice cream (soft serve blueberry...yum!!!). Anyway that meant a quick dinner of hot dogs...
  2. Another one having mac n cheese tonight. My 3 year old hasn't wanted to eat much of anything for the past 3 days and she asked for bunny mac n cheese (Annies) and buffalo chicken so I'm hoping that she will eat at least something.
  3. Tonight is double meat lasagna, salad and french bread. Possibly followed by Luigi's Italian ice.
  4. Thank you so much Irish! I did it! Plus I will be doing it again tomorrow since both girls have dance and hubby won't be home. Then it will be home to cook all the food for my neighbor's first birthday party and encores from tonight for dinner.
  5. Tonight I'm throwing a meatloaf in the oven just to be simple. I went to the grocery store for the first time in over a year today and didn't have a panic attack!!! Tonight I am going to try to go with my husband to take my daughter to dance, fingers crossed...it's a bit further and haven...
  6. Marinated steak (I just took a bunch of stuff out of my fridge and spice cabinet and threw it together), mashed potatoes, balsamic pan fried brussel sprouts and rosemary honey cornbread. I'm also making an egg free chocolate cinnamon cupcakes with a ganache topping. Fingers crossed they come out...
  7. Tonight I'm trying another Mrs Leepers that my neighbor us, it's the chicken alfredo one. This is after I developed my own cookie recipe this morning and baked it up, I just keep finding stuff that I want to bake. Also planning my Easter dessert menu since that gives me an excuse to bake more...
  8. Tonight is cabbage and noodles from the leftover corned beef and cabbage.
  9. Happy Birthday Love2travel! Hope you have a great day. Tonight we are ordering in from someplace that has a great track record with gluten-free, and they have a huge menu. We are having sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, pierogies and my hubby is getting me a cannoli because that is probably the...
  10. Taco fixings on a baked potato for dinner tonight followed by a taste of the chocolate velvet cupcakes I made for my daughter tomorrow. She is 6 1/2 and just got invited to her first not family birthday party at a ceramics place!!! We are all very excited for her.
  11. Saturday was mini corn dog muffins bites Sunday was sausage with mac n cheese Monday I made pork chops and applesauce (homemade) with garlic smashed potatoes and french cut green beans Tuesday was pasta with roasted garlic and cheese Italian sausage and homemade sauce Tonight my husband...
  12. My neighbor found Mrs Leepers cheeseburger mac at Walmart and picked it up for us along with a whole bag of gluten-free stuff so we made that for dinner tonight and it wasn't too bad. I had read somewhere that it was kinda salty but I don't always taste salt in my food anyway so I didn't notice any...
  13. Bacon, egg and cheese on Udi's bagel for the girlies and I tonight:)
  14. Hmm, didn't even think about the Lion King. And you are right, it's because meat comes from animals. She is a sweet kid but sometimes her concern over other people and things is strange to me (not that alot of concern is a bad thing at all, it's just new because I never gave a thought to what I...
  15. Last night and tonight was baked ziti and meatballs (mom made it and we got lots of leftovers ) I'm trying to decide what to make tomorrow, it's bad enough that I had to force my 6 year old to eat the meatball last night since we weren't at home, but I'm honestly lost on what to feed her anymore...