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  1. I won't spoil the movie for anyone, although I can not tell you how difficult it is not to do so. It is almost physically painful not to say..... stuff. It was so awesome that I would go see it again. Even at nearly $20 for two tickets.


    Just, if you are a Star Trek fan at all and care not to have the movie spoiled you should go immediately to see it. I am guessing that in the next 24-48 hours the plot will be all sorts of all over the internet and you'll end up having it ruined unless you swear off technology.


    Well you may have just talked me into seeing the movie again. I was so excited about it and counting down the days until it came out, was ready to actually go to the theater (last movie I saw was Orphan when I was pregnant with my 3 1/2 year old), but then interviews with J.J. Abrams came out and I just couldn't justify spending the money to see something that the director most likely ruined, but I may have to give it a shot. No matter what I would have seen it eventually because I have seen everything Star Trek.


    I actually think I may have converted my Star Wars is better, wouldn't even watch Star Trek hubby so us and my two girls all love it. TNG is a favorite for hubby, 6 year old and me whereas the youngest likes TOS best because she loves Spock and tribbles. Both girls asked me to use my ball shaped cake pan to make them a tribble cake for their birthdays this year and youngest takes her Star Trek book of opposites to bed with her every night.

  2. I won't touch any seafood with a 10 foot pole, but I make all my salads (chicken, turkey or egg) the same. I definitely have to have Hellmans mayo and Guldens spicy brown mustard, other then that I will put in other things that I have in the fridge because my oldest doesn't like the salads. I have used small cubed cheese, diced up petite kosher dill pickles, celery, onion and other veggies.

  3. So I finally tried Mama's, Heaven!!! I have a problem going out places so my husband went there and ordered it. All four of us had sandwiches. mine was a proscuitto melt and it was absolutely delicious. We also got the pierogis (since Easter is coming up and we wanted to try them beforehand) and mozzarella sticks and I too was amazed that it was gluten-free. My husband also treated me to a cannoli since that is one thing that I still really miss from gluten days.and it was absolutely amazing! There was also a sample of the risotto with champagne sauce and the 10% discount card. I was incredibly impressed and would definitely go back again.

  4. I was having this same problem for the longest time and it's horrible and kinda scary so I feel for you.

    To start with, does your sugar drop like that during the day or just at night?

    That dinner was higher in sugar then in protein so it makes sense that your sugar bottomed out. It's possible that if you had a protein filled snack before dinner that it would have counteracted the amount of sugar in the sweet potatoes and cherries.

    If just eating protein before bed does not help then you would also have to limit the amount of sugar that you intake. For example, to keep my sugar where it needs to be I have to try and limit my sugar to around 30g of added sugar a day and also eat at regular times. It's not easy and it's a pain in the rear end to figure out how much sugar is in what I put in my mouth and making sure that I eat, but it's worth it since I haven't had a hypo problem in over a year.

  5. I think the best gift anyone ever gets me is a Precious Moments figurine, there is something about them that is so relaxing about them. It is the one thing that I look forward to getting from my husband, although I won't be getting one this year :(

    As for giving gifts to people I usually like to do something personalized, but the favorite gift that I was able to get for my parents and sister was sending them to see Grease on Broadway. It was the first time they had ever been and my grandmother rented a limo for them to go and they seemed to really love it.

  6. To be perfectly honest here, food scared the heck out of me (like panic over trying a new food) and I am beyond terrified of being nauseous or throwing up, this went on for over a year until one day I looked at my kids and decided I didn't want to teach them to be afraid of food. For me, I just had to bite the bullet and try it, at first I would make sure my oldest was at her grandmas and the bathroom was freed up (youngest is still in diapers) and after eating the food I would panic. After multiple times of not having a reaction to every new I tried I am getting a bit braver. I still have some issues I'm working through when it comes to food panic, but there is definite progress.

    I guess I was hoping this may encourage you some and when you decide you are ready to not let food panic have the control just make sure you have a plan, that way it won't feel so daunting at first. Also remember that after being scared of food, it will take time to not be afraid of it anymore.

  7. Breakfast:

    -peanut butter chocolate smoothie (for 4 of us we take 4 bananas, slice and freeze them. After they are in the freezer for at least 15 minutes I put them in the ninja with at least a 1/4 c of chocolate almond milk and a huge heaping tbs of creamy peanut butter)

    -cereal (kix, berry berry kix, rice chex, apple cinnamon chex, fruity pebbles, cocoa pebbles or Kashi Indigo Morning)

    -scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage

    -pancakes (Namaste or we just tried Pamela's this morning and they were nice and fluffy) with bacon or sausage


    -usually dinner leftovers

    -sometimes pb&j on a rice cake or Glutino original crackers


    -beef or chicken with potatoes or rice with roasted broccoli or raw carrots, sometimes balsamic brussel sprouts with bacon

    -chicken parm

    -chicken risotto

    -tacos using whatever meat and homemade taco seasoning and ortega white corn shells, cheddar cheese and Daisy sour cream

    -pizza using Udi's crust

    -breakfast for dinner (an absolute favorite of my girls)

  8. I'm right there with you, still depressed (have been since I was about 10 to the point that I cut myself for 12 years to try and feel better) and after going gluten free 20 months ago I started getting panic attacks that got so bad I can really go out of the house. Started on paxil about 2 months ago but the meds are almost gone and all it seems to have done is make it so I don't snap at people so easily.

    Fingers crossed that we figure out the problem soon enough.

  9. At least here in the NW, it seems pretty common. It is NOT expected based on an announcement at all! (Not to mention the announcement goes out to A LOT more people than you'd want to bring you food.) I know some churches do this just as a matter of course (people want to chip in), but even without churches, often friends' groups will organize it.

    That answers my question then, thank you. I find it very interesting how actions can be interpreted so many different ways depending on where you live.

    Again OP congrats.

  10. I'm just curious if this is a regional thing since people where I live wouldn't even think of bringing meals over, when a person comes home with a new baby people will bring over outfits or other necessities for the baby and if there was an older sibling they would bring a toy or other little something. Also (again maybe a regional thing???) if there were an announcement like that that kind of makes it sound like you are expecting people to bring stuff and that could be considered extremely offensive.

    Like I said some of this maybe regional, I live in the NE now and when I had my oldest moved right away to GA and while I have heard of people bringing food and all I have never seen it in practice. Either way congrats on the little one and hope that everything goes smoothly for you.