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  1. i need help and I am pretty computer literate and this website is driving me nuts

  2. I am so confused. I was recently diagnosed with this by a dermatologist because I had this burning blistery rash on my forearms, that traveled to my head and face (I have to say I am 41 yrs old and can honestly say other than this I never had a problem with acne).

    My Derm sent me to a Gastro and had the biopsies done within two days. Ash Wed found out what I had. STillllll do no...

  3. Hi all, I am new to the celiac sprue disease as of Ash Wednesday... Here is my story and would be totally greatful for some help. I not only have the herm/ dermititis, I also have celiac. I am very fortunate that (due to blisters that were showing up on my forearms, a dermatoligist diagnosed me immediately and sent me to a gastro. I have both portions of celiac. having problems with soy. help