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  1. [you can eat rice, success rice and minute rice, totally ok for you to eat; im italian great cook (if i do say so myself) the gluten-free pasta are disgusting. the success rice and minute rice (which you can get anywhere and are so affordable vs. gluten-free disgusting rice) works. However, reading your posts..... i MISS MY BEER. BIG TIME. I GET IT...... BIGTIME. not looking forward to everyone at beach sucking down the beers. I also not digging gluten-free beers and calories. so i tried to do a little wine wine spritzer as well as rum. i can consume beer all day, no problems, drinking rum with diet coke all day. omg..... suckadoos
  2. hi i love beer and woodchuck's apple cider beer. yuuuuummmy however, i thought beer would be my hardest thing and for all you have to go thru with this disease, it's the easiest to eliminat that and kettle one lol new to this and not digging it at allllll.... the gluten-free beers are mainly (to what I know and check out are lagers) tooo strong for me and major calories. have any insight. i can't imagine sitting on the beach and cannot pop back a couple
  3. I am trying (my hardest) to do the right thing. Still getting sick\, meds not working, etc. after reading other people's posting, some have it way worse than I do. But you know what, everyone's issues/symptoms are different. I would not wish this one anyone at all. It's very hard and confusing. I am just lost.
  4. thank you for responding and helping me out. the salt was the first thing i eliminated from my household. this is hard and not much fun. like easter was first outing, and I came home starving. went to city yesterday had dinner and explained the severity of my situation and was told my food would be gluten-free and I feel like crap, blisters starting to form and the rest of the side affects. My mom, she's 70yrs old; she thinks I am being a baby and I have to do a new diet regime.. My older sister Kaje has helped me tremendously with this website shopping food, you name it she's there. I just don't feel good and really am mad I have to do this at this point in my life. A friend of my BF has a slight case of Celiac and he went last week to a actupunctuarist and says he feels so much better. I'm not into needles and don't know if I can handle it... However, after reading all other postsss... I see a lot of people are on different medicines, i never even have heard of. soooooooooooo confusing
  5. i need help and I am pretty computer literate and this website is driving me nuts

  6. I am so confused. I was recently diagnosed with this by a dermatologist because I had this burning blistery rash on my forearms, that traveled to my head and face (I have to say I am 41 yrs old and can honestly say other than this I never had a problem with acne).

    My Derm sent me to a Gastro and had the biopsies done within two days. Ash Wed found out what I had. STillllll do no...

  7. I am so confused. I was recently diagnosed with this by a dermatologist because I had this burning blistery rash on my forearms, that traveled to my head and face (I have to say I am 41 yrs old and can honestly say other than this I never had a problem with acne). My Derm sent me to a Gastro and had the biopsies done within two days. Ash Wed found out what I had. STillllll do not understand all this, buying gluten-free Products, which are supposed to gluten-free right, well still getting sick. Checked all products this week and they all have soy. So here I am thinking and spending all this money and for what I am still sick to the point I get blisters on my left foot on bottom of toes (very painful and getting worse). Derm put me on Dapsone and I got all the reactions. Go for blood work every week. Derm stopped me on Dapsone for a week and then lowered prescription last week as I was still getting bad side affects. Dapsone now stopped and seeing a well-seasoned specialist on May 20th. Can't wait. So many questions for everyone, however, I saw a nutritionist who specializing in Celiac and Herm/Derm and she told me I didn't have to change soap and/or toiletries (you know the list goes on and on ) as it is not digested. So I am so confused and I hate this bigtime. I know that all lipsticks and lipliners have wheat. Went on line went to stores that say they are gluten-free and and after reading the ingredients (which i had to buy a magnifying glass for my wallet so I can read the small print when I am shopping) and get dirty looks because of the time spend etc, they look at me like I am shoplifting. So frustrated, need help. lost big time. the blisters are absolutely the worst thing ever, the bloating is the worst feeling ever. HELP
  8. I was just diagnosed with the celiac sprue as well as the herm/dermititis. I am having problem with my left foot, the toes. Started out tingly feeling, thought it was my sneakers or uggs. Went out bought new sneakers, etc. still having same problem; however, the tingly feeling now has gone and there is pain. I am seeing a podiatrist for second time tomorrow. I am also seeing another specialist on May 20th as the dapsone made me very sick. I am also getting the watery blisters on the bottom of my feet, but that I can tolerate. I bought everything that was gluten free, and thought I was safe; still wasn't feeling well, and noticed on all gluten-free products I bought from a gluten-free supermarket has soy. Get your feet checked out. IT's important.
  9. I am having the same problem.. apparently, we are born with it (however.. no one else in my family has it) i had two back surgeries in 2007 and after second surgery lumbar fusion ( screw and metal in my back ) i started to get a rash on forearms. i thought this was because they gave me the drug lyrica (after seeing a commercial and side affects), in Jan 2008 I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with dermitisis. gave me scripts for refills, saw him one last time... that was it. Last year, before Thanksgiving, my skin started breaking out in these water blisters, and was on my face and sooo bad in my scalp. My sister, who has bad skin and I don't referred me to her dermotoligist in Jan. of this year. he took one look at my arms, did a biopsy, sent me to a gastro that week (had the procedure) saw derm again took another biospy and wallll aaa i have herm/dermititis and celiac (got all results back on Ash Wed). I also saw a dietician to help me out with some of the hydrolyzed products. My family and I went to trader joes, whole foods, etc. Apparently as I have the skin portion of this too i cannot have soy. well i went online ordered stuff from vitacost.com, thinking i was getting everything gluten-free... not what happened. still getting sick, feel like crap, dr. put me on dapsone, which i am having bad reactions too. lowered dosege and now totally off of it. hate most of the food that is gluten-free. any help ANYONE can give me would be sooooo appreciated. regards, chrissy
  10. Hi all, need help, advice and guidance to the herm/dermitit/celiac sprue. Apparently, I was born with it; however, I am almost 42yrs old and it just surfaced within last two years. Took a bad fall and wound up having two back surgeries. Didn't appear after the first surgery, second surgery (lower lumbar fusion... with metal and screws in my lower back) in oct. by Dec. I had all these blistery things all over the back of my forearms. Went to a dermatologist, he said it was dermititis. Gave me a prescription, with refills, for a lotion cream (2 yrs ago). After I finished using the lotion cream, (this Thanksgiving) all of a sudden I started getting these blistery things on my arms again; however, they traveled to my head, face and shoulder bones. I went in Jan. to my sister's dermatologist (thinking omg I am getting older and starting with acne) to be told, after a biopsy what I had; he immediately sent me to a gastro, had the procedure done... and whaaa laaaa. I have celiac sprue disease. Not only Celiac... but... the skin portion of it tooo. So I am new to this as of Ash Wed., of this year... anyway saw a dietician; I am also on dapsone, meds... and hydroxyz hcl 25mgs. I went to trade joes, whole foods, yada yada yada... i hate all the food, moreso the pastas. I eventually found vitacost.com (everything u need half price) however, everything I bought is gluten free; however... again... it all contains soy. I CAN'T HAVE SOY. I thought i was doing the right thing and taking meds, weekly blood drawn and I am still sick...... Someone please help me to see there is a rainbow at the end of the lining...... ALSO WHERE CAN I BUY WHEAT FREE LIPSTICK. OMG MY LIPS.. THANK YOU all for anyone who can help me..... I understand it is going to take at least a year for me to be able to know what I am doing and stop getting so upset. here's one for you.. went out for easter dinner at a realtives', came home starving...... any help advice would be soooo appreciated...... chrissy
  11. Hi all, I am new to the celiac sprue disease as of Ash Wednesday... Here is my story and would be totally greatful for some help. I not only have the herm/ dermititis, I also have celiac. I am very fortunate that (due to blisters that were showing up on my forearms, a dermatoligist diagnosed me immediately and sent me to a gastro. I have both portions of celiac. having problems with soy. help

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