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Diagnosed after 45 years of suffering and countless misdiagnoses. Only diagnosed after my son was dying at age of 2 years old of emaciation and every other symptom you can think of. Many relatives died having never been properly diagnosed and now I wish to help my family, friends and anyone suffering from this autoimmune disease.

  1. I was diagnosed as Celiac when I was 45, now I am 57. Years and years of steady decline to include ataxia and aphasia. Many of the misdiagnoses I received included, white matter brain disease, lyme disease and the worst part was my elbows covered in Dermatitis Herpetiformis while doctors performed celiac panels and endoscopies without noticing nor did they ever check for DH. I figured it out on my own after research and the near death of my youngest child who was emaciated and the subsequent death of my mother who suffered from ataxia, aphasia, and heaven forbid Alzheimer's, which I don't beli
  2. Just curious, were you treated for GERD as well with something like a proton pump inhibitor like Prevacid? After I was diagnosed with Celiac me and my children were all prescribed Prevacid to aid in the healing of damage to our esophagus. The PPI can cause a B12 deficiency or prevent a healing Celiac from getting enough B12. I had a SPECT scan and was told I had white matter brain disease, subsequently I went gluten free, stopped with the Prevacid and a year later another SPECT scan showed no traces of white matter brain disease. Another B12 deficiency can be caused by Intrinsic Fa
  3. Regarding the canker sores and fever blisters. This happens usually due to malnutrition and is common with undiagnosed Celiacs. Specifically A diet lacking in vitamin B-12, zinc, folate (folic acid) or iron. Canker sores may also occur because of certain conditions and diseases, such as: Celiac disease, a serious intestinal disorder caused by a sensitivity to gluten, a protein found in most grains Since it is a disease of malabsorption you will find that many if not all symptoms you feel can be directly related to specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Of
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