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  1. oh gosh, how could i ask her to stop playing with the playdough at school? she's having a very rough time at school but i think she's improved a good bit in her home life. how many "crumbs" of gluten would cause a problem?
  2. I haven't....which ones should i test?
  3. I just don't know if I'm making the right decision by trying this food trial. My husband isn't totally on board but what I say goes! He wonders if her symptoms warrant this kind of trial. What do you guys think? Her symptoms are sensory processing disorder, apraxia, aggressive, she's been sick all winter (but then again, so has my son!), dark circles under her eyes, frequent BMs -- sometimes randomly loose with lots of gas, fatigues more easily than used to but she's also pretty capable of high energy play. Her weight and height are normal although her hair doesn't really grow -- not sure if that indicates anything. I'm not saying she has celiac but maybe a sensitivity? She's 4. What do you think?
  4. Thanks. We are almost at three weeks and I don't think there's been any improvement, but I'm definitely willing to try for 2-3 months.
  5. Hi Everyone! My daughter has sensory processing difficulties and some signs of allergies so I am trying gluten-free with her. She just turned four. How long should I try a gluten free diet? The doctor said 2 weeks but that just doesn't seem long enough to me. Thanks for your help!
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