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  1. More questions about SYMPTOMS: Does anyone else have fingernails which have vertical ridges and easily crack and tear? :huh: Is this a celiac related symtom? I also have VERY thick toenails on my biggest and smallest toes. My doctor waffles between declaring those toenail fungus and merely thick toenails, since my HMO really doesn't approve any of the current toenail fungus meds. <_< Is toenail fungus or thick toenails also associated with celiac? Has anyone had those nail symptoms and then experienced healing from nail problems after following the gluten free approach?


    sounds just like me, spontaneously grew fungus free nail on gluten-free diet. now to see if the medicine works on fingernails, podiatrist said she could not advise me on non foot stuff. I'm just going to use the medicine on it.


  2. I think thats a wise way to go--I didn't notice the positive changes until probably at least 10 months had passed. Be sure to keep your toes and nails dry--be extra dilligent after a shower or swimming. That will further encourage healing.

    What a coincidence!! I am just 10 months gluten-free too, and I went to the dermatologist Wednesday thinking I had a toenail fungus. The new nail growth 1/16" is much thinner and a different color. He said yes fungus. Friday I went to the Podiatrist and she said the old nail had fungus, the new nail coming in doesn't. It self healed I guess on the gluten-free diet. I wonder why no other doctor ever noticed it, including this same doctor who operated on the toe a year ago.

    That blew my mind. So I need to use drops, antibacterial soap etc. so it doesn't spread to the new nail or the other nails.

    By the way it takes about 6-10 months for new nail being formed to come out of your toe to be visible, then another 6 months for it to move up and be able to remove the old nail. I had already looked up the growth rate. I had toenail surgery on that toe some 12-13 months ago (ingrown toenail) and it was completely successful.

    If I could focus at that distance I would have noticed it a couple weeks earlier.

    I completed a diabetes class a few months ago to help delay the onset of diabetes in the future. and they said check your feet after every shower.

    To anyone who has an ingrown nail and diabetes, get the surgery, No pain and she remove the part of the nail in less time than I usually took to dig it out very painfully.


  3. I was finding the diet difficult. Since diabetes is in the family history and I expect to get it I asked Kaiser if I could take the diabetes class to learn to eat right. Conquor both diets at the same time, this will avoid going through the diet change shock again later. And may delay diabetes.

    I learned a lot. Substitute brown rice for bread. That's ok except I still want white rice with Chinese food. The food on the diet works very nicely with the gluten-free diet.

    I found canola oil to be very bad for me many years ago, and now I suspect olive oil, so none of that for me. Aspartame nailed my yesterday, as did oats and soy once gluten-free.

    My preferred fat is AVACADO anyway, but I was told only a half an avacado a day. Ok I'm doing that.

    I highly recommend a diabetes class, and at Kaiser the dietician didn't have to ask my doctor.

    Food has become less important to me know on the gluten-free diet. I have lost most of my appetite and have lost a pound a month for the last 7 months on the diet. :D:):D;):rolleyes:

    I don't get hunger pangs(pains) now and I have to remember to eat. If I don't remember I get low blood sugar and I have to monitor(like a diabetic) those times now, if it is not one thing it is another. :blink:

    Sometimes I wish I had never started the diet but rather quickly I think, "but I feel so much better now, I'll put up with the inconveniences"


  4. Thanks everyone! That makes me feel better. I went to the store again today and got some more gluten free food and and throwing some bad stuff out! Even got a new toaster. :lol:

    I gave all mine away except I forgot the Beano, big mistake! I gave the food to a friend who is down on luck. Lost job, car died etc.

    I let her decide to keep or throw away, some was quite old, some very fresh.

    Like the other person said, don't eat canola. You can try it when you are better if you want to go through all that again.

    gluten-free foods will be easier to find in the future as more and more people buy them. Sprouts has some, Whole Foods some.

    Best thing to do is just eat fruits vegetables and gluten-free breads and fresh meat or fish and salads. That's a great diet.

    I'm down to one slice of bread a day.

    Tonite I make a gluten-free pumpkin pie.

  5. Yes you can get withdrawl symptoms, a doc once told me you get addicted to things you eat and withdrawl can be nasty. My withdrawl from gluten was not as bad as withdrawl from beef and eggs many years ago. Because some of my symptoms went away with the first meal I had more motivation to stay gluten-free, also it made me very happy I found the answer. Little did I know symptoms kept disappearing for many weeks. Some I didn't even notice untils I heard other people had the symptoms like unexplained bruises, mine went away too.

    It sounds like you had an anxiety attack, keep saying to yourself "this may make me better" lots of water to detox sounds good.

    Have you also eliminated canola oil? My symptoms came back when some canola got into my food.

    For myself I would like to know how to flush a bad thing out of my system.

  6. I have found the gluten-free diet to be traumatic, not the diet itself but searching for foods. In order not to go thru this again when I eventually get diabetes I decided to do that diet now too. (DIET=the food we eat and the liquids we eat).

    The diabetic diet is pretty much gluten-free except for substituting gluten-free bread, but I'd rather have rice.

    One raw food like a tomato, fruit veggies and protein and salad. Where's the gluten in that? I think this is easier than focusing on what I cannot have. I have not baked for 7 months. Soon.

    Food when I am out alone is a trip to the grocery produce dept. for an apple or banana, or now since my gluten intolerance went away some yogurt which I count as a dessert.

    Try to cook meals that you can eat JUST the gluten-free parts.

  7. I have been in misery the last month and a half, turned out to be canola. I've been gluten-free 7months and read labels. I knew maybe 4 years ago about canola and got rid of my bottle, but I didn't know it was in processed foods.

    I read the ingredients very carefully for gluten and now I will go back a second time for canola and soy and olive oil. If its got it, I won't get it.

    I have been canola free for 1 1/2 weeks and see improvements. When I discovered the problems years ago I thought it was only choking, but I have had 12 symptoms reappear and all are going away now. The last holdout is constipation, it won't budge.

    Thankfully the lactose intolerance did not come back with this dosing.

    If you are sensitive to several things and only eliminate one at a time you will not get the answer. Like my eliminating canola oil years ago, the only difference I could see was a decrease in choking, none of the other symptoms decreased. I now know it causes at least 12 symptoms while gluten-free, my intestines have not yet been damaged or there would be a dozen more. I'm not going to experiment.

    Get it all out of you, my latest new symptom is hypoglecemia I think brought on by the canola oil. Also due partially to my loss of appetite :rolleyes: on the gluten-free diet.

  8. The big 'C'? 12 days for me, laxatives and stool softeners did not work. Doctors said over a period of about 30 years, 'what was normal for me was normal', but then they shut me off before i was able to say 12 days, so they never heard that. 5 laxatives, one a day on day 7 thru 11 worked, or did it? It was day 12. First I ever heard of 'normal' numbers was on the Dr. Oz show, he got concernecd if less than 3 a week. I yelled at the TV 'HOW ABOUT ZERO!!!'.

    on the gluten-free diet after two weeks, every day and stool softeners when gluten-free, just one on one day worked for 14 days(it was an experiment).

    My worst was about 6 weeks--miserable, then I went cross-country skiing for about 8 hours, very strenuous. that worked.

  9. EVERYTIME...I eat something with hydrogenated oil....I get sick...snickers has it.....what ever cooking oil may have it....when I eat that same food without it...I'm fine.


    thanks for this posting, when I eat olive oil I feel like there is oil in my mouth, even the next day.

    Be aware some sell non-virgin olive oil as virgin.

    I'm going to try avoiding the hydroginated oil, wonder if that's on the label.


  10. :o About 4-5 years ago I started choking on saliva and swallowing food and drink into my lungs. It took a very long time to determine the cause. I really suspected Canola oil so I stopped and started using it. I seemed to be better without it. So I eliminated it, or so I thought. My choking got about 75% better. 7 months ago I tried the gluten-free diet and after a month or so all the choking was gone along with about 30 other problemns. So I sorta forgot about Canola oil.

    recently, I have been choking again, maybe 3-4 times a day. I also had a bunch of those 30 symptoms return. So I thought I was getting glutened, I started checking labels every time I ate and I noticed canola oil in the gluten free processed foods. I eliminated the Trader Joe's gluten-free cookies and got a little better. Likewise the gluten-free waffles. Still choking but a little better.

    Yesterday I went to Sprouts and read the ingredients in :ph34r::angry: roasted pumpkin seeds--Canola oil. I had noticed last week the roasted cashews could not be found without canola oil, likewise some other nuts.

    So if nuts bother you, check to see if roasted in canola oil.

    In the very out of date pamphlet Kaiser gave me a couple weeks ago they list Canola oil as a problem.

    A friend suggested Grapeseed oil. I miskeyed it into Google and got results for rapeseed oil-which is about the same as canola. Then I noticed I had not entered 'G'rapeseed so I tried that. I could not find anything negative about grapeseed oil, but a lot positive.

    gailc :D

  11. Hi,

    I had asked a while back how long it takes for lactose intolerance to go away on a gluten-free diet. I got 'depends' as an answer. That didn't help! I have more information. I suspected it had gone away in a few weeks but was chicken to try. Then I read somewhere, a book I think, that a doctor recommends his patients to do a lactose challenge at one year gluten-free.

    Well I am 4 months gluten-free and ate a gallon of ice cream in two weeks, mostly 3 ice cream cones a day, and my final test, the first dairy food which ever bothered me.. I ate yogurt yesterday with no ill effect :D:rolleyes::unsure::):):):):blink:;) . Yoplait yogurt and it said gluten free right on the container so I wrote them:

    their reply first, followed with the email I sent:

    To: xxx@yahoo.com Dear Ms. Nxxx:

    Thank you for contacting General Mills regarding gluten free products. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your positive feedback with us. We will be very happy to pass on your comments to the product team.

    We have recently launched a website: www.glutenfreely.com. :D This site contains a list of all General Mills products that are currently labeled gluten free, as well as gluten free recipes and an online store offering a variety of gluten free products.

    We appreciate your loyalty and hope you continue to enjoy our products.


    Amanda Peach

    Consumer Services

    >Original Message From: xxxx@yahoo.com


    >Originated by Consumer It was so nice when I was shopping today to not have to read all your ingredients. It clearly states 'gluten free' so I bought it. I have not eaten yogurt for about 30 years because of lactose but on the gluten free diet I am no longer lactose intolerant and my first though was YOGURT. thank you


  12. Hi,

    I noticed I had some double vision in my right eye only, and only horizontal lines. I am very nearsighted and cannot focus across the room and I would see the ceiling line repeated down about two inches. The door did not do this. When I turn my head that extra ceiling line would go away and I would see one from the door.

    Four months ago I went gluten-free and the line disappeared. After 6 weeks I went back on gluten for diagnosis of Celiac Disease, the lines reappeared. I only lasted two weeks on the wheat because of pain and what I felt was too much harm to my body for 'just' a diagnosis. Back on the gluten-free diet the lines disappeared again.

    I also noticed that the distance I could focus (very small range of focus--many pair of glasses) would change while gluten-free--changed to be like when I was younger. Unfortunately with my very snearsightedness any reversion to focusing so close is undesirable. I take the bad with the good.

    Because I hadnot been eating wheat for 4 months for the biopsies OF COURSE they came out negative, the doctors don't seem to know that not eating wheat would make a difference. I asked not to have the biopsies but what could I do? I was sedated. Now they have a diagnosis of NOT CELIAC.

    My lactose intolerance also went away on the diet. this is to let you know that I am celiac.

    The double vision doesn't bother me because I can only see it at a distance where I cannot focus anyway.

    Perhaps if you would describe your double vision you may get more help.


  13. Oh I didn't mean I was considering eating gluten! I'm done forever. I just don't want to lose my mind before the headaches go away!

    But oh yes. I'll never knowingly eat gluten ever again. Ever.

    Congratulations on your resolve. I found out today what I hope is the last sneaky wheat in my diet. The little crackers, actually fried won ton wrappers at my Chinese restaurant. I was told they were rice, twice. Today a different person said they had wheat. He brought out an unopened package, first ingredient was wheat.

    I google things like 'gluten free won ton' so far I have not been disappointed. Even gluten free churros and matzo ball soup and buttermilk waffles.


  14. Thanks for the replies, everyone. My daughter and I start our gluten-free trial Friday. I'm hopeful that my health will improve, as well as hers. Considering my Hashimoto's and the fact that I need to be gluten-free for that alone, it would be fantastic if some of my other issues are remedied, too, just for extra motivation. :)

    Try eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They will make you feel better even if you had no problems. Be sure to get some gluten-free bread because you will crave it.

    Remember even french fries often have wheat on them. Learn the sneaky names for wheat and gluten like spelt, malt and dozens more.

    Get some books from the library, search for lists of the sneaky names.

    I hope the diet works very quickly for you as it did for me.


  15. You can google or search this site for infertility issues.

    I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy last week. My blood tests were negative, biopsies negative. But I have all the signs, including my lactose intolerance is gone.

    You should be asleep for both procedures, mildly put out. I woke up when the tube went down my throat, not even bothersome, but they must have upped the sedative because a half second later it seemed I was waking up and it was over.

    I did not feel anything from the 7 or so biopsies.

    I had a pre-cancerous polyp removed, it was small so I'm not worried, to be sure I don't also have them in my small intestine they did a one hour barium x-ray series today on the small intestine. That only took about an hour for the stuff to reach the large intestine and only 6 hours for it to come out of me, a great contrast to the 12 days to many weeks before the gluten-free diet.

    If they find anything in those xrays they'll maybe do the camera thing.

    The diagnosis should put you on a more frequent schedule of testing. That is my concern.

    After going on the diet I had strong allergic reactions to wheat and oats, so it is possible to have both I guess. More blood tests in a couple weeks for allergies. It would be nice if it were only allergies, but then why did the lactose intolerance go away along with about 30 other symptoms? I was diagnosed with those allergies 50 years ago but never had allergic symptoms before.

    There is no treatment for food allergies I was told, in the past all I had to do is eat wheat often.

    As for sticking to the diet it is very easy for me because of my violent reactions and all the pain. I now recognize some subtle changes to my digestion if I have a little gluten and violent allergic and intolerant reactions to larger amounts, not sure of this, it was a shocker to find out I sometimes have reaction and sometimes don't right away.

    google food allergy symptoms and you will see just a few, and for celiac about 300, I've never found much information for "gluten intolerant".

    I got rid of everything in the house with gluten. That might help you, I was never tempted to go off the diet since day 1, except for medical testing and that only lasted 2 weeks, I just refused to do more harm to my body on purpose. And I had a harder time coping with the pain.

    Search your library for celiac and gluten , there are some good books out there.

    Think of everything wrong with you and google your symptom and celiac, you will find almost every search will result in a link to this website.


  16. They say I don't have it, I say I do. My decades of Lactose intolerance went away on the diet. I am just wonderful on the gluten-free diet.

    I only wanted it to actually be Celiac because I'd heard some have their Lactose intolerance go away. Otherwise I don't want it to be that. In that matter wanting makes no difference, I have it or I don't.

    I only care to be diagnosed if I really do have it, so they would put me on the PROPER SCHEDULE of testing for the associated diseases. They put me on a 5 year schedule for colonoscopies and tomorrow they do the 'small intestine barium drinking turning into a baseball bat in the intestines' test. Yeah, they found a polyp last week. I'll start pushing in about 4 years for another round of tests.

    I have been researching for 4 months and I cannot find anywhere what Celiacs get vs what gluten intolerants get except for the vacili changes/nutrient problems/biopsies and blood tests and the rash.

    I just want proper treatment.


  17. My headaches lasted about 2 months but were quite mild compared to the migranes I used to get. They started a couple days into the diet.

    The first meal prooved it to me on the intolerance, I did not have pain after eating. Or the other 10 or so gastro pains/cramps/nausea etc.

    then other problems started disappearing.

    Don't for a second even think about eating gluten to stop the headaches. It didn't for me when I got dosed by a restaurant.

    Keep thinking "I'm doing this for my health"

    best wishes


  18. I don't believe the tests rule it out just they might not have biopsied the right spots, those biopsies are difficult to ananyze. and you may not have been eating enough gluten/ not advanced in the disease.

    Try the biopsies then the gluten-free diet and if it helps stick to your guns.

    I got rid of everything in the house with gluten.

    If you have a family ask them to live without gluten in the house for a while until you can cope well with a gluten free diet.

    I missed one package of noodles and discovered my mistake while they were cooking. You don't need mistakes.


  19. Negative biopsies-- what if you had allergy skin tests all using distilled water? What about a glucose tolerance test if you didn't drink the little bottle of syrup?

    I was not consuming gluten but they did the tests anyway.

    Why are doctors so adverse to accept that a person could be Celiac and still test negative?


    --about 40 symptoms went away on gluten-free diet, including lactose intolerance.

  20. is it possible I have become terribly sensitive to gluten since being gluten free for 2 months?



    I was gluten free for two months except for some salad dressing which gave me cramps--a little soy sauce.

    Then I decided to eat gluten for blood tests and biopsies. 1/4 of a teaspoon of a cookie threw me into a bad allergic reaction. First time in my life I had an allergic reaction to food. Hard to breathe, throat hurt, earache and clicking, and nose running, then a half hour later I had the gastro response of cramps.

    I was diagnosed with allergy to wheat and oats about 50 years ago but never had a reaction, or so I thought.

    Strange thing I ate some more later that night because I was determined to get tested and I had no reaction to a half bag of the same cookies.

    Unfortunately nobody told me I had to be eating gluten for the blood test and so it convinced the doctors I didn't have Celiac Disease--the tests were bogus.

    I was told that months of not eating gluten wouldn't make a difference in the biopsies and the biopsies are taken during the colonoscopy at the low end of the small colon.

    WRONG on both counts, I may change my medical provider.

    I told them I didn't want the biopsies becaue by that time I was off gluten for 4 months and I had done my research. He took them anyway as proof I did not have the disease.

    A couple days ago I ate 3 ice cream cones (gluten-free cones and vanilla and mint chip)to test my lactose intolerance(previously very severe symptoms for that) and

    GUESS WHAT??? No reaction to lactose. I'm eating ice cream 3 times a day now. No pill, and no reaction.

    I googled and could only find two reasons for remission of Lactose Intolerance--gluten-free Celiacs and pregnancy. In very rare other unexplained instances people go into remission but VERY RARE. Also some very severe gastro problems with severe treatment.

    At 65 I'm certainly not pregnant and I have not been treated for some severe gastro illness (except gluten-free diet).

    Does anyone know of another reasone to go into remission?

    I'm convinced but I will never knowingly eat gluten again.

    I now have to carry an epi pen because the 3 times I had the allergic reactions I got worse each time.

    Hope I never have to use it, really thick 3 inch needle./and the cost of an ER visit.