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  1. Hi, I hope you are still monitoring your thread here. I hope you are taking a positive attitude and have found a solution.

    I have been gluten free for 5 weeks. I certainly would never consider anything that made me sick a 'treat'. Instead I found some gluten free cookies and those are my treats. I read somewhere 1/8 teaspoon of gluten can cause problems like leisons growing again , they were not clear what would happen --I'm guessing.

    I do not consider this diet one that I can cheat on unless I am diagnosed and found just SENSITIVE and not Celiac. Who knows maybe that doesn't work.

    To get diagnosed I will have to consume gluten so I have been making a list of what I will eat. Cakes and waffles and cookies I make and the list goes on and on. I expect to get sicker'n a dog. But afterwards I will never be able to eat them again.

    Although I coped before I realise now how many more of my problems are due to gluten. If I revert to the past symptoms I can easily handle them, as I have for 65 years. But if worse I'll have to ask for pain pills. The 100 fold increase in colon cancer is enough to keep me from eating gluten. I hope my osteoporosisand Lactose intolerance goes away and that I don't get the family curse of diabetes which is the cause of death for some members.


  2. Thanks,

    Oh, the changes were sort of expected.

    I meant to ask: if NOT Celiac Disease but just sensitive to gluten would I have all these changes?

    I have had sensitivity to beef and eggs in the past and eliminating them only eliminated the year-long diahreah and associated cramps and I assume the abnormal vitamins and mineral counts in the blood work. The doctors were so disinterested they did not bother to repeat the blood work. Actually the first doctor only said 'take a vitamin pill' and ignored the fact that I had diahreah. The next Time I had blood tests done they were normal. I did the work, didn't eat them for 6 months, then I could.

    The second time around, years later, with the beef I just quit eating it, that was when we had that mad cow disease scare, we had some of it a few miles from here. I guess about 12 years ago?

    I have had more changes since I last posted. I think I am at about 5 weeks now. The unexplained bruises I have had for about forever, small bruises in places where I would expect to see them from my activities except I hadn't bumped myself there, have disappeared. Thi9s is odd since I noticed someone STARTED getting them on this diet.

    Tonite I noticed that most of the 'red dots' on my arm (capillaries leaking) are missing. I never had one go away before without being zapped by the doctor.

    Intestine function has continued to improve, although I was satisfied with the changes at two weeks it is getting better.

    I'm hoping my paper thin fingernails which flake will improve, too soon to tell. They say they grow about 1/10" per month so it will take about 4 months to see the difference.


  3. Than you for responding.

    New question, I'll put it at the top so it is easy to find. Any idea of probability of my losing the Lactose Intolerance once on the diet for a long time? Unfortunately I will go off the diet for a test at some time. I'm not willing right now because it feel so good to have the symptoms go away.

    Another week and I noticed I no longer have post nasal drip, although I think it was gone when I started the diet, not sure.

    But my runny nose quit unless leaning over the computer and room is very cold(furnace went out a year ago). Soon I hope I'll have a new one.

    I noticed additional changes in my intestines too, I have been keeping track of activity so several more areas of pain no longer

    hurt. I had hunger pains on Monday, I forgot to eat which brings me to another symptom, I'm not as hungry and have lost 4 pounds without trying...Yea!! I'd like to lose about 7 more then have the doctor reevaluate.

    Today I noticed my ring is loose, tried the other hand and loose there also. Arthritis relief? I had switched hands a while back when it took great effort to take off the ring. If it gets any looser I will have to resize a bunch of rings.

    I also noticed when my hands are cold for a long time, like whn using the computer, they don't hurt. I have had arthritis in my left thumb for 40 years. haven't felt it now in the 3+ weeks on the diet.

    I found English Muffins that had yeast. cannot figure that one, I was told it took gluten to make yeast work. Taste maybe. They do taste good. Heavy but good.

    I made Chinese stir fry and have been eating that for several days now as a test to see if gorging on veggies makes any difference.

    Feel so good for being sick. Could all these changes be due to a sensitivity?When I was sensitive to beef and eggs the only change was diahreah stopped and abnormal blood tests(vitamins and minerals) went back to normal at some point.


  4. I hope you get resultsd quickly.

    I guess I am lucky, or maybe it is not celiac disease. I had experienced 6 different kinds of pains in my intestines and nausea. They went away immediately. I was shocked. I expected maybe two weeks or 2-3 years as I read somewhere for complete healing.

    I had food sensitivities before, beef and eggs, and after the waiting period of a week or so the only change was the 1 1/2 years of diahreah quit cold turkey. I noticed no other changes.

    Eliminating wheat has changed a lot of things, dry eye-very painful is almost gone and nose stopped running. Also rice does not bother me now, it was a problem before.

    I hope this is not celiac, would be nice to have a piece of wedding cake or something good in a restaurant.


  5. Many years ago I went to a 'Nutritionist/weight loss doctor' because the regular doctor's solution to my constant diahreah was to take metamucil. That didn't work. And my blood tests came back very bad nutritionally.

    The new doctor did a glucose tolerance test and the results didn't match any of the standard results not normal, not diabetic, not hypoglecemic not one other thing. He suggested it was a food sensitivity, or addiction, not food allergy. His prescription was to only eat the three foods he specified for a while it had to be food I didn't eat regularly. He said I should have a nasty withdrawl from my irritating food, I asked what he meant. He said not as bad as heroin withdrawl but nasty-- so start on a Friday afternoon. Well by Sunday I was quite ill. Headache and Bad diahreah cramps and other stuff, I have forgotten the rest.

    When I started feeling well again --no diareah too(about 4-5 days)I was to eat just one food I regularly ate for a meal and eat a lot of the added food. Start with corn sugar. Next meal a different food. Looking back at it he should have specifed milk as a second choice.

    Many years later when I was diagnosed with Lactose intolerance I could drink a glass of milk--no problem, two glasses of milk and I wanted to die.

    We found the foods this way. And upon reflection I realized I could have figured it out myself by eliminating a food for a while.

    For me it turned out to be beef and eggs. He said don't eat them for 6 months. I tried a shorter time and it didn't work. Then I laid off them for six months. It worked. Eventually beef bothered me again right at the time we had mad cow scare and I emptied the freezer of beef and have never had a bite again.

    Back to the present..

    So I am now eliminating gluten, I had headache for a few days and now no gluten for two weeks tons of gas starting almost two weeks ago, I must have added some food or increased some food. So now I will try no onion and no rice in addition to no gluten. Been eating more of those and I know rice gives me problems.

    Oh the no gluten eliminated my pain in three places right away, and the awful constipation and maybe more symptoms, too soon to get my hopes up. I started feeling better right away.

    I would say if you eliminate a food and feel awful and that 'food' is not water then you have a problem with that food.

    If you also eliminated caffeine, it may be that.

    Note also that if you eliminate gluten you may also be eliminating yeast or something else which is why I added rice bread, dumb move for me.

    I hope this sets your mind at ease.


  6. Thank you for your reply, another question down below.

    Oh, yes, I need to be tested. I have read if you have celiac you are 100 times more prone to colon cancer. In that case I will never eat gluten again. Also I will know to get tested for cancer more often. My symptoms seem to match my father and his mother.

    If not celiac I can eat gluten when I feel up to putting up with the symptoms--until I decide not to.

    My pains are 20 minutes to an hour after eating and up high (right after leaving the stomach). And also way down low, the last 10 inches or so in two places. The pain usually in the abdomen gets so intense and I tighten up so much it gets hard to breathe and it feels like a panic attack and I sweat all over. It feels like the lactose thing all over again except the lactose pains lasted about 11 hours.

    So far all three pain areas have stopped. Also trips to the bathroom are now 3 minutes v.s. an hour before with no results. Sorry to be gross but this is a gross 'disease'--'condition'.

    I noticed that a few people have complained of dry skin. The skin on my eyelids have gotten very dry, along with the insides of the eyelids, sometimes when I wake up my eyeball in one eye is stuck to the lid, very painful. Before trying to open my eyes I have to lay there and try to wiggle my eye around until it comes loose then I can finally open my eyes. 5 eye doctors have given me suggestions which don't work. They have their standard answer. I suggested a medicine to one and she gave it to me. Steroids--which I don't like, but it does the job and the problem goes away for months. Since going off gluten my eyes are better but it is really too soon to tell.

    I have had a few nose hemmorages, one when I was asleep, the hot liquid running down my face woke me up. Not just a lot of blood but like a faucet has been turned on. Soaked two large bath towels. The last one took 4 hours to stop. Dr. said to use vaseline and he cauterized a different place than where I had to squeeze. I read celiac can cause nose bleeds. The vaseline helped with sneezing itching, tickling, pain and my nose runs less and doesn't bleed when I blow my nose.

    It seems like hot flashes have disappeared in the last couple weeks, too soon to tell. Maybe because of the lack of pain.

    Do you have any idea of how long I have to eat gluten to make the test valid? I am going to stay off a while longer to see if any other problems go away.

    Sometimes fixing one problem can fix many other things.

    When I retired my constant dandruff went away, Migranes quit,

    shoulder pain stopped(doctors couldn't fix that) back stopped hurting (back surgery three years earlier) and quite a few other things which I could remember if I really thought about it.

    About two years ago, after being on a low salt diet for 5 years, or so I thought, I found I was consuming a lot of salt at restaurants and processed food. I don't use a salt shaker and I omit it from recipes. I went on a very low salt diet (tried to get down to about 500 mg) and lost 10 pounds in 4 days 22 pounds in 3 weeks. My Edema went away, my abdomen got flat like a model instead of sticking out like I was pregnant :D , and I got down to a perfect weight, the doctor was very pleased. A little came off my face making me look older but I can't win them all. My joints which felt like something was in there and wouldn't bend closed now bend all the way and the 'something in there' feeling is gone. I also don't have to get up at night for the bathroom anymore. Since then even though I increased water consumption I feel thirsty often a feeling I almost never felt before. I can drink more now because my intestines are not always bloated--inflamed-swollen with water retention. Thought I would give a little success story along with the bad stuff.

    I'm mentally trying to go thru the list of symptoms I read about and I think maybe my hand and fingers have stopped tingling , that would be great.



  7. Hi, I'm new to this site.

    I heard about celiac disease on the TV program The Doctors. I thought "hey that sounds like me" I had just made an appt for a colonoscopy snd because they wouldn't let me talk to the doctor before the procedure I finally cancelled the appointment.

    I'm not sure if they do the biopsy going thru the mouth or the other end.So how the heck am I supposed to schedule an appointment?

    Could this be something else--I am 14 days gluten free and my gut is experiencing a world of differences. The pain is gone and the cramps are gone. I had a headache for about 4 days at the start which I was told decades ago is normal for withdrawl(sensitive to beef at that time).

    My symptoms sorta match what I read and in the past I was diagnosed with:

    1. allergy to wheat and oats

    2. spastic colon

    3. IBS

    4. diverticulousis

    5. Lactose intorerance

    you guessed it, different doctors.

    thanks for any ideas