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  1. I have a sinus infection and I bought Extra Strength Tylenol Cold & Sinus. I read on this board that in Canada, all Tylenol products are gluten free. Can anyone confirm this or that this product at least is gluten free? I've seen lists of gluten free Tylenol products posted on this board and this product wasn't on it, but I don't know if that's just in the USA or in Canada too.
  2. I've determined that it's probably just constipation due to not enough fibre. I started taking Metamucil and after a few, when the Metamucil started working, the pelvic pain went. I stopped taking the Metamucil for a few weeks and the pain and constipation came back. So I started taking Metamucil again, and once again, after a few days, it all went away. I guess I'm just going to have to take Metamucil everyday from now on. Oh well, at least I'm pretty sure I've figured it out.
  3. Good to know I'm not the only one that lost weight after going gluten-free. Although what you said about less carbs/processed food is true. Before going gluten free, i was eating a lot of bread and pasta, and since going gluten free, I rarely eat bread and pasta. That probably explains why I gained weight before and lost weight after. I'll just have to keep it up so I don't put all the weight back on lol.
  4. I've been gluten free since March and I actually gained weight before being diagnosed, which I find interesting seeing as I've read (and my doctor told me) that most people with celiac lose weight before going gluten-free. Now, I am a university student, so I don't know if my weight gain (which was only a few pounds) was due to gluten or just the weight gain that a lot of students have. In the past 2-3 months, I've actually lost all the weight I gained before being diagnosed. I have been going to the gym a couple days a week for the past 2-3 months, so it could simply be due to that, but I was wondering if other people gained weight before going gluten free/lost weight after going gluten free? I find it interesting that for me, it seems to be the opposite of what I've heard, where people lose weight before being diagnosed, and then gain weight after recovering.
  5. I got Honey Nut Chex yesterday at Sobeys. I'm so happy that they finally sell it in Canada. I've been waiting to try for so long after seeing all the hype about it on the forum. And I must say, it's absolutely amazing! I've eaten almost half the box already
  6. Thanks psawyer and Skylark. I'm in Canada, so that's good to know about them having to put "wheat" on the label - I wasn't sure if that applied in Canada. However, the frustrating thing is, that the label on the peanut butter only says lecithin - nothing about soy or wheat. I guess I'll just have to return it and buy a different brand.
  7. Thanks, I'll try and find that brand. I think soy lecithin is ok, unless you have a soy intolerance. I found a topic about soy lecithin posted on this board in my search to see whether lecithin is safe. It would be nice if Tout Naturel listed "soy lecithin" if the lecithin they use is soy derived - it would make my life so much easier. And I know what you mean about missing chocolate. I don't even know when the last time I ate chocolate was.
  8. Oops, I accidentally posted this in the wrong section.
  9. I just bought a jar of Tout Naturel Organic Peanut Butter. All that's in it is organic peanuts and lecithin. However, I googled lecithin just to make sure it was safe to eat, and I came across a website that said that lecithin could be derived from soy or from wheat, but on another website, it listed lecithin as a "safe" food. Could anyone give me any information regarding whether lecithin is "safe" or not? If I could find the contact information for Tout Naturel, I would call them and ask them whether it's made from wheat or soy, but unfortunately, I can't find any information. Has anyone tried Tout Naturel Organic Peanut Butter and had any problems? Also, could you suggest any gluten free peanut butters that you know of?
  10. Thanks. This is really frustrating. I'm a hypochondriac, so I always assume the worst whenever I get weird symptoms. I'm trying to convince myself that I don't have ovarian cancer or something serious like that. It's just frustrating that the symptoms are almost exactly the same as those of celiac. I know deep down that most likely, I don't have cancer or anything serious, but I can't help it lol. I'm going to go strictly whole foods only for a while and hopefully it goes away. Maybe I'm just eating something that has gluten in it. If it doesn't soon though, then I'll go to the doctor.
  11. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in this past March, and my symptoms have slowly been getting better. However, for the past week to 2 weeks, I've been having some pelvic pain, mainly on the left side, but sometimes on the right side too. I wouldn't say it's all that painful, it's more of just a dull ache, and in no way debilitating. It would come and go, except today, it's been there pretty much all day. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced any pelvic pain after going gluten free. Could it possibly be gluten related? I know that pelvic pain could be caused by a bunch of different things, so if it doesn't go away in a week or so, I'll go to the doctor and have it checked out.
  12. I am going to stop using Neutrogena products in general. Because while it's on the gluten-free list, I'd rather not take any chances. And I've also reacted to another Neutrogena product that doesn't seem to have any gluten containing ingredients in it based on the label. I did have my B12 level checked about a month ago and I was taking just regular B12 pills that you swallow for about 2 weeks. But then people on the board suggested taking sublingual B12 as it surpasses the digestive system. I'm only taking 1 B12 pill a day though, because my doctor didn't actually tell me how much I needed to take after getting a blood test done. I'm going to talk to him again and ask him if he can tell me specifically how much I need to take. Thanks for the info. I'll look into those B vitamins as well. I have an old edition of the Prescription for Nutritional Health book, and for celiacs, it recommends B12, B complex injections, and extra B6 or vitamin B complex. I'm guessing maybe I should take those ones too then?
  13. I've been gluten free since March and have been taking sublingual B12 vitamins for about 2 weeks now. A couple days ago, the corners of my lips became really dry and cracked to the point where it's painful to open my mouth. My lips also seem to be peeling almost and yesterday, my top lip started tingling. I know that you can get tingling in your feet and hands from celiac, which I do sometimes, and I heard that taking vitamin B12 can help. But I'm confused as to why all of a sudden, this would be happening to my lips. I looked into it a bit, and found that I might need to take more B vitamins? Does anyone know if this would help? And if it sounds like a vitamin problem in the first place? I'm really hoping I don't have Sjogren's Syndrome, although I don't have dry eyes, so I don't know if I do. Also, I've been using Neutrogena lip moisturizer with SPF 15 because I saw it on a list that was posted on this board of gluten free Neutrogena products. I wonder if maybe this is the problem. Has anyone else had any problems with it? I'm going to look into seeing a specialist to see if they can help out with all of this. Unfortunately, my doctor doesn't seem to know a lot about celiac, even though he said his sister has it.
  14. Good to know. I just bought Jamieson vitamins because those are gluten free. I'm assuming those are ones that dissolve in the stomach. Is there a certain kind that you know of that dissolves in the mouth?
  15. I've been gluten free since the beginning of March. Recently, I've started having some tingling in one foot. I don't know if this has just started after going off gluten or if it was happening before, as I never really paid attention to it until recently, after having seen that this is a symptom of celiac. I had my B12 levels checked and I'm now taking B12 vitamins, as well as vitamin D and magnesium. I've read that taking B12 supplements might help stop the tingling. Does anyone know if this is true? Otherwise, will it just go away on its own after being gluten free for a while longer?
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