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  1. i started gluten-free 2 months ago due to terrible skin issues for the last year or so. Went to many drs, said it was stress, acne etc. Finally i found a derm who patch tested me for topical allergies. I also have many seasonal allergies and bad asthma. I removed most of the allergens that i thought were plaguing me, but my skin was still having issues. The dermatologist suggested gluten free/dairy free to see if i had any success. Once I went gluten-free, my skin cleared up from the annoying blistering rashes that appear on my face, forehead, around my mouth, chin, jaw line, neck etc. Hives cleared up too. I am not 100% better, but i can see a considerable difference. From time to time, I do have an occasional flare up. Well, last night, i went to this wedding at a beautiful place, known for fabulous food. I ate gluten-free at dinner, but at the cocktail hour, i wasn't watching myself. I had a bite of my husbands pasta and I had scallops in some amazing sauce, probably had gluten in it. At the end of the evening, I wasn't feeling too hot. I tried to go to sleep, but my stomach was so unsettled. I have had severe stomach issues for the past 12 hours. I don't feel sick, like throwing up, but I am suffering from severe cramping and constant trips to the bathroom. I did manage to have a gluten-free waffle for lunch, and some gluten-free pretzels and I am seeing some improvement. Is this normal when you have gluten? the food was yummy, but it wasnot worth it at all. I am trying to figure out if i have a stomach bug or maybe this is how most people react when gluten shocks their system. I don't have the chills, i just feel bloated and my stomach is just upset. thanks!
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