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  1. Crikey Moodle, you really are having a time of it. I'm O RH- too but am lucky in that repeated episodes of left eye uveitis ceased when I went gluten free. Isnt it brutal, savage and total agony ? I have seen it described in an ophthalmology journal as a "perfect pain". As for AS, Im fortunate that I have no firsthand experience - and hope it turns out you dont either. but have a look at http://www.kickas.org/londondiet.shtml Ive been avoiding rice, potatoes etc but using beans, lentils and the like ( i.e. a low GI diet ). Looks like this is also a low starch diet. Content on Kickas.org does suggest that HLAB27 is uncommon and that a significant number of people with AS are HLAB27. BUT that does not mean that everyone with HLAB27 has AS ! lots of ((((((doggy breath hugs)))))) Bolddog
  2. I find a low GI / GL diet helps greatly in avoiding hypos. Things like Beans, Lentils, plain organic yoghurt and, of course, protein ( no I'm not a veggie ) With rice, potatoes and such I'll be a trembling wreck within a couple of hours without followup food There are lots of sites around listing GI / GL for foods for example http://www.glycemicindex.com/main.htm
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