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  1. thanks for your input etta! i really appreciate it and it's good to hear that i'm not the only one with these symptoms.
  2. This past semester of school I have been struggling with illness on and off again. I've been to the university doctor who is at this point boggled. It doesn't help that I have to eat dorm food. When I first started feeling bad, I went to the doctor with sharp abdominal pain, fatigue and headache. I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. Doc thought it was a hernia or a issue with my gallbladder I had to get an ultrasound. I had neither a hernia or gallbladder issue. I went back to the doctor when the pain didn't cease to exist. He thought that maybe I had something wrong with my ribs or a possible gluten allergy. I decided to cut gluten out of my diet and found that it had worked. For about four weeks my pain was relieved until i suspect I had eaten something with a bit of gluten and was writhing in pain just below my ribs and in my upper back. This has happened one other time, just a couple days ago. Other symptoms: headache bloatedness tired nausea joint pain poor blood circulation itchy scalp dry skin bad, chipping flaky nails and undulating weight gain and loss irritable gassy not able to focus in class or to others sensitivity to bright light my mother is scheduling me an appointment with my own doctor when i go home for spring break. do i really need to be eating gluten for more than a month for it to be detected in an actual test? please help?
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