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  1. Hi, Is Honey Mustard usually a safe option for restaurant salads? Also, does teriyaki always contain wheat?? Was SO excited to see gluten-free buns new at Rubies! Ate a real burger yesterday but woke up with some tummy issues. I simply forgot that teriyaki can contain wheat, perhaps that is why my tummy is upset? Thanks! Kat
  2. Have you tried fruit smoothies and shakes? My son has autism and I blend avocados into carob or chocolate shakes, almond meal and kale into fruit smoothies for protein and nutrition, not detectable unless he sees me doing it lol! also I put his smoothies in a colored, covered plastic cup so that he can not tell that it is slightly green- or add blueberries to take out the green! If just one time something is off about his food it is hard to get him to eat it again. These children are very rigid, yes it can be frustrating! i have had most success with shakes and smoothies and i feel good that he is getting some nutrition. Perhaps try a different sort of gluten-free pasta, such as bionature- I am funny about pasta and this is the best! Does he eat fruit at all? Bananas??
  3. My husband bought Rudi's at Costco! Can not believe the price as you get 2 loaves for just a bit more than the price of one at my local natural store! Very happy with it, unbelievable =) hope they continue to carry! Now I want to try Udis too and compare. Now if my local store carried French gluten-free my life would be complete =)
  4. Thanks so much everyone! Well, that is a lot to go on. I have seen Udis and it is SO expensive but if i use bread less and perhaps more rice tortillas it will be affordable. Do you need a bread machine to prepare bread in the recipes some of you are using??
  5. Thanks Sylvia, ok it does say <3 on hte tTg Ab which means negative... I think that my Hubby will be ok as long as i can get stuff to taste good, I found some really good pastas and there may be times when I have to cook 2 meals. We will see how it goes, i am just trying to figure out what sauces etc are safe at the moment, on my way to feeling better =)
  6. Hi, does anyone know where I can find reviews for the best breads and gluten-free products? i want to find a really good bread, have tried a few rice based but they are not so good. Thanks! Kat
  7. Sylvia, the report says Quest on it, it does seem incomplete though. I as so sure that I have celiac in my family too but they would not do the dna test! My mother died from colon cancer and always had anxiety + tummy issues and her mother died of Addisons, I understand that these 2 diseases are linked to celiac + all my symptoms that I have had forever! (A vitamin D deficiency and a dust mite allergy were the only issues that showed up on my blood panel which may also explain some symptoms) Maybe I have not eaten enough gluten or perhaps i have non celiac intolerance? It seems like the symptoms are the same. When I did gluten free before my pregnancy I would use gluten free pasta and sometimes cook 2 different meals. It is very doable and I think it is time to start! I think the hardest thing is restaurants as we do get take out a lot. btw my Hubby told me last night that he will support the diet and that he loves me, answer to prayer =)
  8. Thanks Sylvia, what to do about a husband that thinks the gluten thing is all hype? I just wanted some indication in my blood test that gluten was an issue so that I could get his support! If I could show him a blood test then he would take it all seriously! Ok so about 3 year ago i went off almost all gluten free, felt much better then got pregnant and my body wanted pasta and whole wheat bread that that is all I could eat! I was very sick during my pregnancy and had little willpower to stop eating wheat! Since then I have tried to get back on the diet, having a hard time. Also fighting exhaustion, I really believe that gluten may be the key- just wanted facts to back up my feelings!
  9. I need to try the diet but now i hesitate because I do not know what is really causing my problems! I am confused, I did not think there was a test for gluten intolerance but read that there was? Is that usually apart of a typical celiac panel?
  10. Thanks Takala, I don't think it gave the ranges? so confusing! It is hard to know what my health problems are now, I wish that there was a test for gluten intolerance so that i can know for sure! The only thing that should abnormal in my test was my vitamin D levels, tired of now knowing what has been wrong with me for years!
  11. Can anyone interpret what the test results mean, this is like a foreign language but they are telling me that I don't have it so either I did not eat enough gluten or i really do not have it! hmmmmm tTG U/mL Endomysial IgA: Negetive Endomhysial Ab Titer less than 1:5 IgA, Serum:228 81-463 mg/dl tTG U/mL
  12. Hello, Going to Doc tomorrow, want to make sure that i get the right tests, what do I need to know? Also, anyone have any idea if the tests are expensive? concerned my HMO will not want to order them. I do really want to genetic test for sure to see if it is in my genes, that is important, right? Thanks & Happy Easter! Kat
  13. Thank you so much AzizaRivers, your response is very helpful! It is interesting that the less that you eat the more sensitive that you become, I had no idea!
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