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  1. Thank you all so much, I am new here, however have been on this site for weeks getting a ton of insight, so... Thanks!!! I appreciate your info, I thought that the biopsy trumps blood work, but it's reassuring hearing from you. I will definitely get a copy of my blood work! I do have a copy of my biopsy results... On there is a note from my doctor which says "duodenal bx suggest possible gluten allergy, needs tissue transglutaminase IgA and serum IgA then office visit in 3 wks". Sounds to me like I may be in the situation where a "total" blood workup hasn't necessarily been done??? Any thoughts? I'll get a copy anyway to make sure. Either way, I'm only about 2 hours away from either the Celiac Center in Boston (Beth Isreal), or New York (Columbia), so I'm thinking it's worth it to take a ride!!!! Thanks again so much!
  2. This is such a fantastic resource, thank you! I'm hoping someone can make some sense out of my current situation! OK, so my symptoms are SO consistent with celiac, however it wasn't on my radar at all until my GI finally had me go through an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy a few weeks ago to help figure out what was going on. Biopsy results came back as follows: "Duodenal mucosa, with focal mild partial villous atrophy (effacement), mild crypt hyperplasia and moderate to marked increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes consistent with celiac disease (in the appropriate setting)." When these results came back, I got a call from his office saying that I had a positive celiac biopsy, but that I had go get blood work done and follow up with him in a few weeks. I had the blood work done, and got the call a few days ago that all of my blood work came back "normal". The person on the phone said "your blood work is normal, you don't have celiac, but follow up with the doctor as scheduled". My appointment is next week, so I'm very curious to hear what my doctor has to say, but I'm just curious based on all I've read out there... Would normal blood work really rule out celiac completely if the biopsy was positive? Should I be getting a second opinion from a celiac specialist?
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