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  1. Oh my Goodness!!! There are people out there like me!!! I just started switching from gluten filled food to gluten free food. I noticed almost right away that I can control my emotions and not get confused, angry, cry, and every other unwanted emotion in the world. I am so amazed at what not eating Gluten filled foods have changed my life!!! I have two other people who witnessed this change as well. I used to get upset if I couldn't find a hair tie at times and other times panic because of someone not wanting to speak to me or something so irrational it wasn't even funny. The days or following day after eating gluten filled foods, make me more able to cry if someone says something that is hurt full. It is amazing how "normal" I act after trying to avoid gluten. Milk doesn't seem to have any effect on me as of yet when I do have it. If I eat a little gluten I can at times still control my emotions but I have to be so careful now with it. I think my Mother is gluten intolerant too. Not eating gluten has changed the darkness into light so far. I am about two weeks into this food restriction and feeling great!!! I was looking on a nutritionist Guru Gary Null's website www.garynull.com. It said that those with bipolar most likely need to reduce gluten and dairy if not totally cut it out of their systems. I have yet to try anything else yet. But this has helped me so far and I am slowly working up to adding the vitamins and minerals that I need to help this disorder. Just with these to things being carefully limited has made an incredible different in my life. I am just amazed.
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