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  1. @jestgar thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. @IrishHeart - The problem that i'm going to have, other than the diet of course, is right now, nothing is really wrong with me. I'm healthy, have good energy, no real issues that i know of. I do understand that given time, i probably would have issues. but unlike many of you, i'm probably not going to see any improvements I realize i probably should look at that as a good thing, but i have heard dozens of times, "oh but you'll feel so much better" and i don't mean it like my situation is tough, i mean it like, mentally it will be tough to tell myself i'm doing the best thing because right now nothing is wrong makes sense? but i am the type who does adapt quickly. so i will complain about it a whole bunch, but i'm already with the program and doing my homework to ensure i cut out gluten.
  2. I have a follow up visit, I'm not sure if he is going to re-test me or not. I guess i need to ask about periodic testing to ensure compliance. I believe i said i wasn't trying to eat small amounts of gluten. I am just the type of person who needs to know every detail about something. I'm not crazy OCD, but I'am a "need to know" person. i grew up hearing "because i said so" and as an adult I refuse to accept that, so I need lots and lots of specifics for me to be okay with something. I appreciate you wanting me and my family to be healthy. I do as well! I am slowly coming to terms with this, but that doesn't make it suck any less
  3. @tarnalberry thanks for the info, that's kind of what i was after. This may be a silly follow up question. but i was wondering. If the anti-bodies are bad, then why does the test say you are normal if you are under 19. my dr. said you need to be under 19, but i was @ 39 so is it ANY are bad, or just as long as they are under a certain amount? this is simply for understanding sake, I'm not trying to see if i can eat a small amount of gluten thanks
  4. I appreciate the extra info and time put in to give it. Thanks!
  5. I do appreciate the info. And I'm not trying to be pain here My understanding is that this is a cumulative issuse and once off gluten, over time, your gut will heal. given that I am without issue, if i eat no gluten and let my gut heal, i fail to understand how eating (just for the sake of example) a burrito is going to send me over the edge for the rest of my life. and If i'm wrong in my thinking (which I am OK with) I'd just like to understand the science behind this.
  6. I'm looking for a bit of advice on this issue. My biopsy's were "borderline", I have no issues when i eat gluten, in any amount. my only gastro issue, is acid reflux, which i didn't even know i had, my dr. told me i had a little bit going on. so my body at this point isn't telling me anything is wrong. my blood test however says my anti-body numbers are double what they should be. (and I do have someone in my family with celiac disease) I have accepted i'll need to go without gluten, and that I have celiac disease. but to what degree? considering that I have no symptoms and that my insides are "borderline" then this must have just kicked in for me in the last 6-12 months (I'm guessing of course - but since i have no severe damage inside, it seems valid) I'm not looking to eat gluten on a daily basis, but is it going to be a problem if say I have a burrito on fridays. like once a week or something. or take my wife out to dinner once or twice a month and have a piece of pie or something. what i'm unsure of, is lets say I'm gluten free for 98% of the time. is eating 1 thing going to put me back to square 1. Is it ok to indulge on occasion? or if i eat something with gluten does my insides get screwed again and it takes weeks to heal? or maybe will they just be agrivated for the day.. i'm not sure how much damage is inflicted when you eat any amount of gluten? i know for some people they are very sensitive. but i don't appear to fall into this category. so I'm thinking if i want to have something once a week (say for example a chipotle burrito) then i should be fine as long as for the rest of the week i was mostly or completely gluten free or am I understanding this wrong? suggestions? Thanks
  7. I was also just diagnosed and I am in the same boat as you. I'm very bummed about this. I keep telling myself, it could be worse and that in reality it's just a food allergy, it's not like it's cancer or aids or some type of automatic death sentence. it's something you can deal with even though it's inconvenient. And at the end of the day, it's probably a good thing as you will be healthier as a result. and that can't be a bad thing.
  8. sorry for the gender confusion, I am the dad I had milk allergy growing up and relatives with the egg allergy, but we all grew out of it. so while it's been a tough 2 years, we feel there was light at the end of the tunnel. she is starting to tolerate milk and items with small amounts of baked egg as the ingredients.. here reactions were severe at first, but now at 2 yrs old, she's doing much better.. My gastro dr. did suggest we get the kids tested, I really hope they don't have it.
  9. Thanks for the responses. we just had our 2nd child and my daughter who is 2, has milk and egg allergies. between the 2 kids and the food allergies, I'm not quite ready to have yet another major life change, but i guess it could be worse.
  10. When I talked to the dr's assistant, she said the pathology was such that they couldn't rule it in or out. I don't know much about the blood work aspect of it though. I didn't know if the blood work is a definitive confirmation, regardless of biopsy results.
  11. I'm sure this is just denial talking, but I was wondering from those that have experience with this disease think about my diagnosis. I had an EGD done and the biopsy came back "borderline" and then a blood test was done. the dr. said my anti-body levels were 39 and needed to be below 19 I have NO symptoms though. I eat everything under the sun and feel fine.. i do have some reflux/gerd though, but it's not really bothering me. that is pretty much my only symptom. so my question is, with the biopsy "borderline" is the blood test enough to say for 100% that i have celiac? thanks
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