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  1. Thank you so much for the advice.


    I don't think I've gotten outwardly sick from handling my cat's food. My last blood test came back negative, but she lives at my boyfriend's apartment (we're planning on moving in together), and I wasn't seeing her on a daily basis. But emotionally it has been stressing me out a lot, and I'm worried about long term effects of having gluteny cat hair everywhere.


    In the past, my cat rairly drank water, but recently has been drinking a lot more. She didn't like the moving water. Our favorite trick was placing a mug of water in the bedroom. She thinks that it is my mug and that she's being sneaky and stealing it :P


    When she was with her foster family, she ate dry cat food full of carbs and gluten. When we took her home we put her on a very good quality wet food because we wanted her to be healthier, but that was when she first started getting constipated. The vet had us try mixing pumpkin in with it which only helped a little. Then she went on the medicated food and her poops looked like dinosaur poops. We couldn't believe that she had all of that in her little body! Her energy and overall happiness increased. So the tricky thing is that all of the advice to put her on high quality, high protein, low carb food does not work for her. :unsure: I think I need to find a gluten-free brand of specially made food for constipated cats.

  2. I've posted about this briefly in other topics, but I think I really need to make a switch and need help.

    My cat has been to the hospital twice for severe constipation. The vet put her on a special prescription food to help her go to the bathroom, and now she's healthy and very happy. But it has gluten in it. I'm struggling. My boyfriend mostly feeds her but sometimes he gets stuck at work or goes out of town. I hold my breath when I feed her because of particles that are released in the air when I open the bag, and I wash my hands constantly. But then of course she licks herself after she eats. And she sheds. And her hair is everywhere. And I also want to kiss her because I love her so much.

    I'm going to talk with our vet, but my boyfriend is very reluctant to try anything new for fear of endangering our cat's life.

    Does anyone know of gluten free cat food for constipation?

    Also, any advice? I feel like I need a hug.

  3. Even though I've been gluten-free for several years, I have the occasional "Oh no, I never thought about _____!" moment. This time it's about my food steamer.




    I have one of those plastic food steamers that has an extra steaming bowl for rice.I had it before going gluten-free and at one point cooked gluteny flavored rice in the steaming bowl. I ordered a new steaming bowl. BUT should I have also replaced the lid and any other parts of it since it's all plastic? 


    And dear Lord, when does the questioning end!?!?!

  4. From my understanding, Trader Joe's is testing their gluten-free items now to comply with the FDA ruling. However, they have only tested a few products, which are listed on their website. Most of the ones they have tested are gluten-free baked products. They are working on testing more. But you can call their corporate number and ask if a certain product is made in the same facility/equipment as wheat. Just have the number under the bar code handy. I did that for a few products that didn't list any allergen information. 

  5. I've been talking with a local ice cream company about their gluten free status. It all looks good in terms of their actual ice cream making process. They are very good about avoiding cross contamination. My last question was about their ice cream base. It's a vegan ice cream, so they make it from cashews. I asked them if the cashews themselves are free from cross contamination. I got this response back. What do you think? Does anyone know about the allergen policies for raw materials from other countries? 


    "Regarding cashews...to be honest, we have not looked into the process by which the nuts are harvested. We use a specific cashew nut from a specific country but we are not sure how to inquire into whether or not these cashews have been contaminated through processing. Cashew is a global raw material commodity and we purchase it in quantities numbering in the tons, so it would be highly unlikely that the nuts have gone anywhere near equipment or even processing plants that also handle gluten-containing materials."

  6. That's a nice thought too. Unfortunately she needs to be fed five times a day (otherwise she gets too excited, eats too fast, then throws up). My boyfriend and I do not live together yet. Our cat is staying at my place for a period of time while he is busy traveling. What I have done to minimize the dust problem is to transfer some of her food into a smaller container. When I open it I can tell that there isn't as strong of the smell as with the larger bag. So I'm hoping that the smaller container is decreasing the airborn risk. I still do not hold it close to me and will hold my breath. I only touch the little scoop in the container then wash my hands. That's the best I've come up with so far. :(

  7. Thank you for the advice. I wish we could switch. She has been on three different diets.

    1. Unhealthy mainstream cat food with lots of starches and fillers (this was before we adopted her).

    2. A highly recommended diet of wet food only that has no grains/fillers. Very high in protein.

    3. Her current diet of special medicated dry food containing gluten.


    Oddly enough, on her wet food/diet #2 she had to go to the hospital three times for severe constipation. Thank goodness we had pet insurance, otherwise the bills would have been monstrous. Her current diet is the only thing that has been keeping her regular. It was awful on #2 because we now realize she had been trying for weeks to tell us that something was wrong (she was pooping, just not enough), but because she obviously doesn't speak English we didn't get it. My boyfriend (the technical owner) is not willing to risk compromising her health again to try a new food. We'll just end up with another ER visit. 


    I'm trying to be as careful as I can feeding her. I don't think it's much different than having a shared kitchen with gluten eaters. Everything is separate. Luckily I don't have a skin sensitivity to gluten. 

  8. I don't like it. What is a gender neutral candy? There are kids who will die if they accidentally eat a candy that has nuts in it. If you want candies that are 100% organic or do not have barbies or race cars plastered across the wrapper, go buy your own.


    And I'm not trying to say anything mean about anyone and their specific life choices or the way they were born. But I had kids ask me this year if I had any candies that didn't have gluten or dairy in them because they had food intolerances. I thought that was really empowering for a child to be able to take responsibility for their own health like that. 


    Yes, this is a cartoon poking fun at society (it's not necessarily about kids or Halloween), about how everyone wants something different and customized. But I feel like it's playing into the idea that everyone is picky. It doesn't comment that some of us have a life threatening disease.

  9. I love topics like this. Especially love the gluten-free guitars. If there is music going into my ears it must be gluten free  :D


    I was at a restaurant once, asking if a certain dish is gluten free. Says the waiter, "It should be gluten free. I've eaten it a bunch of times and have never tasted gluten." Says the voice inside my head, "Get me another waiter....."



    I especially love the, "Oh yes, I'm gluten free as well," comment as they take a big bite of bread or chicken smothered in a gluten-filled sauce. 

  10. I've never "broken down" because I feel like I eat like a queen on the gluten-free diet. I learned how to bake from scratch and now make my own pizza dough, bread, muffins, tarts, ect. 


    In the past I did vaguely mull over the thought of eating a bit of gluten to test my reaction time, so that I could pinpoint future mistakes. But then I think that I could have to call out of work for a week and will just be absolutely miserable. Not worth it. I'm sure there will be a time when I accidentally get glutened, find out ten minutes later "Oh no, there was soy sauce in that!" and I'll test my reaction time from there, lol. 

  11. It's one of those social situations where I might feel like, "Well, this kinda stinks, but whatever. Not the most important thing in the world." Kinda like when my boyfriend's friend has a birthday party and invites me, but knows there is nothing at the restaurant I can eat so I either have water or wine. Kinda sucks, but in the grand scheme of life it's not a big deal. 


    Most of the time, I do not eat what someone buys me because either it is a company I do not trust or there are CC issues. 


    And people just don't realize how rude it is to say "I'll eat a piece for you," so I just laugh off that kind of comment 

  12. Thanks kareng! I'll look into it.


    And yes, we are traveling around quite a lot this year. I feel like I'll have an easier time finding places in San Francisco. Grass Valley might be a little trickier...


    Also, kareng, any chance you could move this topic to the "Restaurants" board? I accidentally posted it in the wrong section and didn't want to make a double post. Thanks!

  13. Hi everyone!


    I'm taking a trip to see my boyfriend's family for Christmas. They are so sweet to me in terms of everything gluten free. This year, they would like to try to include me in a few restaurant plans but want to pick a place I can eat at. I've called a few places that they've heard had gluten free options, but many places seem to be catering to fad dieters and are not safe enough for Celiacs to eat at.


    Does anyone have a restaurant you could recommend for any of the following areas?


    San Francisco 


    Grass Valley

    Nevada City


    Thank you so much!

  14. I'll echo what others are saying. When you haven't done 100% gluten free baking before, the best food related gift you can give them would probably be a certified gluten-free pre-made product. Or perhaps a gift card for a a certified company. I've had people try to cook for me in the past, and most of the time I just will not eat it. I'll thank them politely but will end up giving it away. The thought is really nice, but it's just such a tricky way of cooking that can easily go wrong.


    But I do love the gift basket idea! Maybe get her a few mixes for her to try out in her own kitchen?