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  1. Alika Nash

    Gallbladder Issues Anyone...?

    I too have been one of those sufferers, although my issues have been all over from bone, muscles, organs, neurolgical...
  2. Alika Nash

    I Need Help Please

    I'm feeling real weak today from this diet and at my worst, I am so jonsing for even just a rice cracker at this point...
  3. Alika Nash

    I Need Help Please

    Yea, no oil at all had to eliminate those all out yesterday. Doesn't say anything about salt.
  4. Alika Nash

    Celiac Panel And Lbc Analysis

    Thank you sooo much for your input, it is all very helpful. I will definately have my doctor check my vitamin and mineral...
  5. I am day 5 of a metabolic detox and for the next three days can only eat the following foods: brocolli, cauliflower...
  6. I am new to all of this so bare with me I had the celiac panel test done, it is positive. Then they also did the LBC...
  7. Feeling real weak tonight.

  8. Alika Nash

    Metabolic Detoxification

    I did look at the product, and it is gluten free. Phewww! Do people on a detox experience more diarrhea before off...
  9. Alika Nash

    Metabolic Detoxification

    I suppose that is a very good question, since I just assumed. The holistic doctors are the ones giving me the stuff...
  10. Can you be diagnosed with celiacs with merely a celiac panel test? I have had this done and also a LBC Analysis. From...
  11. Alika Nash

    How Long Does Your Reaction Last?

    I certainly know your pain! I am 38 years old and have had the "D" all my life, without ever being properly diagnosed...
  12. Alika Nash

    Metabolic Detoxification

    It is called a metabolic detoxification program. For 10 days, a food plan/modified elimination diet. I am on day 4...
  13. Alika Nash

    I'm Sad

    I am just finding all of this reading absolutely amazing to read as I am only 4 days into being diagnosed and am on a...
  14. Thank you both for reading. This is already proving to be tough, but my will is stronger. I am quite relieved regardless...
  15. I recently had a celiac panel test and an LBC analysis, from which they determined my liver is not functioning properly...