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  1. I too have been one of those sufferers, although my issues have been all over from bone, muscles, organs, neurolgical...I just learned to live with it every day like you say. Crazy how we become so tolerant to living in pain. I know i was just recently diagnosed with celiacs and also other various organ problems, my gall bladder being one; they found i have pollups in my gall bladder. I would certainly have that looked into. Good luck to you.
  2. Alika Nash

    I Need Help Please

    I'm feeling real weak today from this diet and at my worst, I am so jonsing for even just a rice cracker at this point. This is horrible. I can not even believe how weak I am today and cold. I have our pellet stove on and turned the furnace on and even resorted to a small electric heater on high in my room, this is crazy. Also having the worst pain ever in my right leg, which I have had total knee replacement in, I can barely walk on it. The fast is getting to me...
  3. Alika Nash

    I Need Help Please

    Yea, no oil at all had to eliminate those all out yesterday. Doesn't say anything about salt.
  4. Alika Nash

    Celiac Panel And Lbc Analysis

    Thank you sooo much for your input, it is all very helpful. I will definately have my doctor check my vitamin and mineral levels again. My sister was actually mentioning that some of there stuff can be harmful or be giving you overdoses of certain vitamins, so I will definalely keep my eyes open to this. The hardest part is just learning everything, whats right, whats wrong. So much to learn. Thank you for your time and advice, it is hugely appreciated.
  5. I am day 5 of a metabolic detox and for the next three days can only eat the following foods: brocolli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, brussels sprout, red and green lettuce, romaine, spinich, endive, apples and pears (whole or juiced). Can anyone help me with ideas with just these ingredients? I think this might be a boring and long 3 days, please give me some ideas if you have any.
  6. I am new to all of this so bare with me I had the celiac panel test done, it is positive. Then they also did the LBC, that was very interesting yet scary! The diet they offered to me is by Metagenics, called the metabolic detoxification program for 10 days. Day 1 was eliminate all refined sugars, caffeinated drinks, artificial colorings, flavors, and sweetners and no flesh foods. Day 2 was in addition to day 1, eliminate all dairy and eggs, and start the powdered beverage. Day 3 was in additon to prior days eliminate wheat, barley, spelt, etc. and continue beverage drinks. Day 4 was in additon " " " " (rice) grains, nuts and seeds and increase beverage drink to 2 scoops. Tomorrow is day 5 for me... Day 5 is continue eliminating foods from day 1-4 as well as legumes. Eat only cruciferous vegetables, raw greens, fresh apples and pears, pear and apple juice, and increase beverage drink to 2 scoops 4 times per day. Day 5 is repeated for day 6 and 7. Day 8 is gently add back fruits, vegetables and white rice only, decrease beverage drink to 2 scoops 3 times this day. Day 9 is add back millet, tapioca, amaranth and buckwheat, legumes, nuts and seeds, decrease beverage drink to 2 scoops twice a day. Day 10....Yeah! I will have completed the program. The powdered beverage is called Ultra Clear RENEW (medicine food), by metagenics, I also am taking AdvaClear 3xper day, by metagenics also. In addition to GI-revive supplements 3x per day, and Pleo San Klebs 10 drops every other day. And stuff I was already taking, fish oil, vit D3,lisinopril for HBP.
  7. Feeling real weak tonight.

  8. Alika Nash

    Metabolic Detoxification

    I did look at the product, and it is gluten free. Phewww! Do people on a detox experience more diarrhea before off the diet? Is it normal. A friend of a friend said they had it bad and even vomitting.
  9. Alika Nash

    Metabolic Detoxification

    I suppose that is a very good question, since I just assumed. The holistic doctors are the ones giving me the stuff. Now I have to go check it out. I'll get back to you on that. Thanks for bringing that up to me.
  10. Can you be diagnosed with celiacs with merely a celiac panel test? I have had this done and also a LBC Analysis. From the LBC they tell me very scary things about my bloods toxicity, which I am not sure I completely understand all of. They named many vit and mineral deficiencies, anemia, yeast, parasites affecting connective tissue, my heart, my liver, my thyroid, and my entire digestive tract. This was all done in 3 days at a Holistic doctor. Prior to that I had seen 17 doctors and specialist in 6 different hospitals over the past 4 years. And not a one could tell me what was wrong, they just labeled me an enigma, and sent me off to another doctor. I have had 8 surgeries and was told I needed more, from bone degeneration. Does anyone else have severe bone problems from celiacs. I also just recently had an Ingiunal hernia, that turned out to be saponified and necrotic tissue. This one has me worried, and the scariest picture in my mind that I am rotting from the inside out! Anyone else had this happen? The specialist docs want to follow through with anesophageal motility study, and then an endoscopy and possibly a colonoscopy as i also have a hiatal hernia and GERDS, and they also found pollups in my gall bladder. This has all been a bit of a relief in a sense to think I have my diagnosis with holistic doctors, but at the same I am not sure if I should just stick with them entirely or continue care with conventional doctors? I was suppose to have another knee surgery, and ulnar nerve release. I'd like to think with diet changes I will be better, and maybe all these other things will settle down also. I don't know what to do with all these doctors, any suggestions?
  11. Alika Nash

    How Long Does Your Reaction Last?

    I certainly know your pain! I am 38 years old and have had the "D" all my life, without ever being properly diagnosed, until a week ago! I have high hopes for my recent diagnosis of celiacs, and pray to god I will be well soon with great efforts. Someone told me tumeric helps "D" does anyone know if this is true?
  12. Alika Nash

    Metabolic Detoxification

    It is called a metabolic detoxification program. For 10 days, a food plan/modified elimination diet. I am on day 4. Starting tomorrow for 3 days I can only eat cruciferous vegetables and raw greens, apples and pears, and bottled or canned apple or pear juice along with Clear Renew medicine food; a powdered beverage. I have been drinking this since day 2, and I increase the amount each day, up to 4 times a day at the most. I think the next 3 days will be the hardest, as today was very challenging for me, as I could only eat veggies and fruits and legumes...the first 3 days, I could atlest still eat grains. Awwwww...this is so hard!
  13. Alika Nash

    I'm Sad

    I am just finding all of this reading absolutely amazing to read as I am only 4 days into being diagnosed and am on a metabolic detox. After this they reccomend I do First Line Therapy for 6 months on medicine food. I was real excited for the changes in my life as this disease has completely disabled me in the past 4 years,(although I know now I have had it all my life). Yesterday was the first day (day 3) on my detox that I felt so sad, I cried several times throughout the day, and sometimes for no apparent reason. So I am glad to know it is normal. Today was even worse, I didn't even want to be around anyone in my family and basically spent the day in my room alone as I could not keep it together emotionally. I feel a bit better tonight though. And reading others experiences certainly does help a bit also.
  14. Thank you both for reading. This is already proving to be tough, but my will is stronger. I am quite relieved regardless to finally give a name to my condition after all these years, and not to sound mean, but to know I am not alone. I think this will be a nice place to learn, and press on when times are tough knowing so many others suffer as well. I am looking forward to using this forum through my recovery. Thank you.
  15. I recently had a celiac panel test and an LBC analysis, from which they determined my liver is not functioning properly. I am on a metaboilic detox now. From the LBC they also say my heart is enlarged, and obvious intestinal damage. But also high yeast in my blood, I have many vit and mineral deficiencies, and possible issues with my thyroid, and a high amount of parasites that are affecting connective tissue. I also have appointment for an endoscopy, but until then I will stick to my detox as to hopefully settle things down a bit. I was put on AdvaClear for my liver along with medicine food diet.