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  1. gf4life/Mariann,

    Congrats on your great weight loss! And even more important, your new energy and diving back into your life, I'm very happy for you!

    Now that I've figured out how to use the board, I see that you did post which products were/are gluten-free, for which I thank you. Sounds like I can try the 9 day cleanse, which is what I can afford, and see how it works. I'm a little dairy sensitive, so I may need to eventually go to an egg shake in the AM, as you did. But it's the cleanse I'm interested in.

    I know how feeling lousy is, from Lyme disease, so I'm not really afraid of the 9 day cleanse.

    But still -- It's been four years. Have you stuck with it? Is it still working for you as a lifestyle?

    Thanks for your story!

  2. gf4life,

    it's been almost 4.5 years since you started this topic. How did your quest for weight loss and health go with the Isagenix products? I just found out last November that I am gluten-intolerant, and it's been rotting my brain and joints for some time. I'm one of those people who suddenly triggered recessive genes while dealing with a serious illness. So, now I'm stuck with it -- these changes tend to be permanent, from what I can find out, and I am feeling much better. So, gluten free I shall be!

    I lost most of my weight by going macrobiotic first, and then stopping wheat because it simply was not agreeing with me. Figuring out the last few steps was more subtle. So I'm not interested in the Isagenix for weight loss, exactly. I don't need to lose weight -- I need a cellular cleanse that won't kick the medications right out of my body, nor damage any major organs from cleanse shock. I need to get the cells all talking again and storing energy, so I can exercise. So, the Cleanse for Life interested me.

    I know the Kosher Lean shake is gluten-free, but so far that's the only product that states it.

    If you're still visiting the board, could you give me an update, and your opinion on the products?