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  1. I am curious to if a lot of you lost a lot of weight when you went gluten-free?
  2. As I've been perusing through a lot of message boards, I see there are a lot of people who also have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease who didn't have a lot of bowel problems. I had my first baby a few years ago and 6 months later was incredibly tired and didn't know why. The doctor did a blood test which came back positive so I had a biopsy done that was "inconclusive". I tried gluten-free for a few months and didn't feel any better so for the last few years I've just eaten as normal. I just had my second baby and they wanted to check it again and have them same type of exhaustion but my argument is I have 2 kids under the age of 2, that will do it to you! I still have no bowel problems or symptoms it seems, however they re-scoped me and my biopsy came back positive this time. I had one GI doctor tell me not to worry about eating gluten-free until it got bad enough that I was having bowel problems because without them, I won't have the malnourishment, etc. He thought I was just in the early stages of Celiac. The most recent doctor told me it doesn't matter, I'm still causing damage. I don't know what opinion to follow, however the first one I want to believe because I'm having a hard time giving up gluten I am chronically tired and if it will give me more energy, as a mother of two young active boys I'll gladly make the necessary adjustments for that to happen. Did anyone have the same thing where their only symptom was being chronically tired? How long did it take before you felt this change on the gluten-free diet? I still feel like I'm in the mourning/denial stage because I just can't imagine the rest of my life without donuts and cinnamon rolls. It's embarrassing, but food is such a big part of my life. If we're having a party, all I want to know is what food is going to be there! I know I'll need to change the way I view food before this can work for me. I feel like this disease is my Achilles heel. Any tips?
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