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  1. I'm a super sensitive. Believe me, the implications suck. So do yourself a favor and don't assume you are one until...
  2. MJ_S

    Need Dh Help

    Can you make an appt with your dermatologist? They usually have fast availability, and should be able to get you in quickly...
  3. MJ_S

    Gluten-Free Country...?

    I don't think that sort of place exists anymore. Even in regions of the world that traditionally have not comsumed gluten...
  4. MJ_S

    Refractory Celiac Disease

    What foods are you eating? Specifically, which processed foods? The next step for you would be to try to Fasano diet...
  5. MJ_S

    Dh Please Help

    My DH usually appears about 48 hours after exposure. According to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, DH...
  6. In order of how I would approach this: 1. I second the idea of exploring what's happening at school/sports or with friends...
  7. MJ_S

    So Discouraged

    Frosted, refractory is really rare so if you still have high antibodies it's more likely that you're still getting glutened...
  8. You can try contacting the manufacturer of the water pill and see what they tell you. Many will give a standard disclaimer...
  9. I did - I thought it was great. Thanks again.
  10. Google Fasano diet. This diet is targeted towards super sensitives, but is also a great unprocessed diet to use in the...
  11. Wow - that's great! I didn't know Fasano is in Lexington today. That's very close to me. If it's not too late, where...
  12. You don't need the broth since you also bought the ingredients to make broth. Just combine the greens and chicken, add...
  13. MJ_S

    Hairloss & Gluten

    I lose much more hair than normal when I have a gluten reaction. It gets better after a week or so.
  14. Do they bake a lot? This would be especially more likely at Christmas. If flour is being used, it's in the air, and that...