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  1. And actually, I went to my dentist the other day. He saw the affected tissue and gave me some Peridex mouthwash, and it has really improved things too!
  2. Ever since going gluten free, and even a couple months before I got diagnosed (more when my Celiac was becoming severe), my periods have been all out of whack. I've had them for about 3 years now, but the past year or so has been really strange. My periods have been different than others in the past, and they're always a week plus later every month. Does anyone else experience weird period problems?
  3. Thanks guys! Dixiebell: Actually, yes my family does use some of the same products. Would that mean my mom would have to buy a separate cookware set for gluten free food also? I do use separate peanut butter on gluten free toast roasted in the oven, but that's all. Kat70R: I've been using salt and hydrogen peroxide periodically throughout the day, and it really has helped. I plan on continuing this until it heals
  4. My name is Hannah, and I am 14. I was just recently diagnosed in October 2010 with Celiac disease, and I have been gluten free ever since. Most of my stomach pain has gone away, but I still get the occasional cramp where I always got my Celiac pain. With my case, I also got diarrhea and bad gas. Most of this has gone away, but occasionally I will relapse back into it. The one problem I always have is canker sores. I have had canker sores about the size of a dime, and they usually come in a group of 2-4. Ever since my diet, the canker sores have slowly seemed to go away, but I am very prone to getting them for other reasons. For example, I just got my braces taken off, and my retainer has caused two extremely painful sores in the past couple days. Is there anything I could take that would make me less likely to contract a sore? Or am I stuck with these for the rest of my life? Should I consult my doctor?
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