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  1. Using this as proof to my family to show that yes, even the most minor, no brainer mistake can make us sick!!
  2. My family members don't seem to believe me when I say I got sick from CC of something and always try to justify that it was something else. For a Super Sensitive, this is aggrivating. I know my system and my symptoms and I know the difference between a bad food and CC. Can some of you (super sensitives please) explain the great extend at which we can get sick? Or a past experience when you got sick from the most minor of CC?
  3. I have a blender and a food processor. What is listed is all I can eat, for sure. Nuts, are questionable. I will begin my "nut testing" as soon as I get my insides calm from this last upset. I follow no soy, no dairy, no gluten (obviously LOL), no corn, no processed (with very very very few exceptions), no beans (except for garbonzo), and generally no nuts, but will be trying those soon.
  4. Ok, So I'm on the go - alot. I'll list the foods I can eat at the moment. Let me know if you have ideas of something I should eliminate or add - I'm still learning - cuz I'm still SICK! Anyways, I need to make some kind of on the go snacks, and treats for when Im out and about. Let me know of any ideas at all!! (all fruit and veggies are organic and most peeled) Apples Cucumber Eggplant Melons Passionfruit Pineapple Sweet Potatoes Herbs grown in garden (rosemary, thyme, parsley, basil) Potatoe Spinach Peach Mango Celery Bell Peppers Green Onion Banana Berries (NOT strawberries) Squash Cabbage Apricots Greens Carrots Chamomile, Lavender and Peppermint Tea (organic) Wild Salmon (Crown Prince) Sorghum by Twin Valley mills Teff from Teff Company Buckwheat from Raw from the Farm Coconut Water - fresh from coconut Chickpeas Garbonzo Beans Amaranth Quinoa Brand Pasta Olive Oil Organic Local Honey Since I don't buy flours to cook with, do any of you have "safe flours" or a way to make flour? I just want to have snacks again that isn't carrot sticks or a fruit, ya know?
  5. Hi There, While I am kindof in the same situation family wise, I do have something to say about the pets. I am a dog groomer, and believe it or not, I know alot of dog nutrition. Before I was diagnosed, I learned that dogs, amoung other domesticated animals, are not made to digest grains. Many have allergies, or cannot tolerate them, and the ones that can, often struggle more with severe health issues down the road with age, if not while on the food. Some, are amazing and can tolerate it and suffer no consiquences (wish I was that way with gluten! LOL). But, my point is, It would be a smart move for you, and for your pets to get them off of grains. There are lots of great grain free foods out there, that aren't too hard on your wallet! I feed Taste of the Wild to my dog. He loves it! Others can be Wellness (sold at Petsmarts!), Candidae, Evo (this one gets pricer..), and Holistic Select by Eaglepack. When I was diagnosed with Celiac I realized how smart of a move it was to get my dog off grains, and tell everyone else about it, too! Pets in your home will track around crumbs all over couches, carpets, even on their fur! CC can be everywhere!! So, my suggestion would be to switch their diet. You can go on the brand websites, and find where they sell their products near you, if you decide to do so. I really think it would help!!
  6. Thanks for the great responses. One of the symptoms that actually led to my diagnoses was the fact that my enamel was deteriorating quickly and I had cavities right and left. I went often then, but haven't had an app. for quite a long time (atleast since early in my diagnoses a year and a half ago), so I was wondering if that could be a problem. Thanks for the information guys!!!
  7. I am going to be going to the Dentist soon and just realized - as a sensitive celiacs, have you guys ever had problems with the tooth pastes and stuff they use on your teeth? If so, is there ways to prevent getting glutened?
  8. I myself am now starting no processed food diet. This is useful to have an example of what my diet will seem like. Where do you buy your peanut butter?
  9. That is good to know! Really eases me to know that just because the endoscopy didn't show anything, doesn't mean there isn't celiac or that there isn't damage. My doctor hasn't exactly been helpful during this process, so, It wouldn't suprise me if there is damage and it just wasn't caught.
  10. Great information from all of you.. It's so overwhelming, having just gotton rid of all gluten, to now take on re-cleansing my diet of other possible irritants. I will definetly look up Dr. Edith Parcells and that diet. Seems like for me and my on the go lifestyle, I often buy the "Gluten Free" brand foods to use as snacks.. I think I got to carried away with the wide range of not-so-gluten free products and I will try to eliminate those. What are good ways to replace them? Is buying "Gluten Free Flours" ok? Maybe I can bake my own bars, and snacks for on the go. And also have a chat with my family to step it up and lessen the risks of cc. I really appreciate all the help so far!! Please, any advice anyone has to offer, I'm all ears. I just want to feel better!
  11. I have wondered if it could be a sensitivity to another ingredient in the foods... I know I have a dairy & citrus problem. What would be next for me to try to eliminate? Should I try to eliminate soy since that's in alot of foods I eat? I try to eat natural foods, veggies and fruits, but during the week I do eat alot of processed foods, I suppose. Maybe it could be the small ammounts of gluten in the gluten free foods adding up, too. How do you find out if a food that says "Gluten Free" on it is really gluten free? Hmm.. lots to consider!!
  12. I do have some problems with produce. While my problems are kinda complicated and I'm still trying to sort out what all intolerances I have and done have, I know that Citrus bothers me. Orange and lime for sure. Sometimes when I drink lemonade i get a sour stomach, but no other reaction. Whereas Oranges will put me in the bathroom all day. Onions bother me too. I have to be very careful with those.
  13. Hi, What a journey Celiac has taken me on. I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago after being stomach/intestinaly sick almost constantly. My doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist and I got the blood tests for celiac. I was positive. I started the diet, reading books, learning, and making small mistakes (and learning from them). I did really well for the first 6 months. Almost no slip ups, less time in the bathroom, the better things were. Doctor said that also gave good time for everything to restore and get back to normal inside. I live in a house with 4 other non celiacs. We are all very careful of my condition, but I am starting to wonder if we could be slipping up... at about 11 months into my diagnoses, I started feeling sick every once and a while again. As time went on, I have continued to get worse and worse...now a year and a half into my dianoses some foods are bothering me that I was sure are gluten free. It all kinda depends anymore. I'll eat a certified gluten free food one day and be fine, the next won't be. I know that can also depend on what else I am eating, though. Anyways, my doctor gave me an endoscopy and found that while I have a very sensitive and somewhat irritated stomach (which I've kindof always known.. but thats not enough to cause all the intestinal discomfort and runs), my small colon where the celiac is looked great as if I hadn't irritated it at all. I am so confused. Even my doctor is confused... (I'm going to get a second opinion as soon as I can find a good doctor) Could I be battling with something more than celiac? Or could it just be an extreme sensitivity? I do eat out often, but usually only at Chipotle.. it used to be fine until now sometimes I react and other times I don't. I am so tired of not being able to live my life to its fullest and instead being in the bathroom all day, or in bed with intestinal cramping and feeling sick. I need your guys's help. What should I do? Have any of you dealt with somehting like this?
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