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  1. I'm not sure if you already did your project or not. But if you haven't, or just want to try it, hummus is delicious (and naturally gluten free). Its a chickpea dip with sesame seed oil or paste (your preference). I love it with carrot sticks and celery. A less healthy version is with tortilla chips. I always thought it was a Turkish dish, but apparently its common in Greece as well.

  2. I'm Leah and I'm in a high school geography class doing a project on Greece. Here's my problem. I'm gluten free and so is another kid in my class. I wanted to bring in baklava but I can't find any gluten-free recipes for it. Does anyone have an ideas of where I could get it or an idea of something else I could bring to class? (I'm also a vegetarian). Help! It's due kind of soon.
  3. Did you try Quinoa based pasta? That tends to work for me.
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