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  1. I was the same way with not wanting to feel awful again. My Dr. completely agreed. He saw my liver enzymes go from the mid 200's to 27 in 11 days of gluten free eating. He said that was enough for him to believe it was celiac (after first saying he didn't think it was, before the blood tests came back ) Anyway, in the last two months I've had severe bronchitis, pleurisy, and a serious concussion. He said he did not want my body to go thru anymore trauma when the blood tests were so profound. I am just fine with that!!
  2. I have both celiac and rheumatoid arthritis. There are several things she can use to help (there is no cure) for her RA. I've had to be off my meds for a while now and met with a Master Herbalist. She has me on tumeric extract, ginger extract, fish oil, tart cherry juice, Vitamin D and I take oil of oregano extract for my allergies. These help a great deal, not like the meds do, but if she can't afford the meds due to the insurance issue, she can get these other things at a health food store, most are not expensive at all. Nightshades make no difference whatsoever to my RA but carbonated beverages and citrus fruits are HORRIBLE for me. Gentle exercise is very important, like the commercial says "a body in motion stays in motion".
  3. I think my biggest struggle will be my husband, he's very much a "a little bit won't hurt you" type of person. I don't think he understands the seriousness of celiac and that a little bit WILL hurt me. So glad to have answers now.
  4. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have to have my blood drawn every six weeks to check for liver toxicity from the drugs. In 8 years they've always come back normal. In December they came back elevated. I stopped meds and mid-January was retested, they more than doubled! I had an ultrasound (normal) and other blood work done (normal). I did some research on my own and found that high liver enzymes can be the result of celiac. I had more tests done and then went 100% gluten free for a week. Dr. called with results. Liver tests were not only back to normal but were on the low side of normal! He said he really didn't expect the celiac to be the cause but it is! He was totally surprised, said that it's not a common "symptom" and he wasn't expecting positive results from it. Now, I stay 100% gluten free, and then I came home, put dinner in the crockpot and THEN realized the soup I used has wheat flour ..... *sigh*.... husband will have that, I will fix myself something different, lol! Old habits are going to be hard to break!
  5. Thank you for this thread. I have the atypical symptoms and also have elevated liver enzymes. I have been thru ultrasound and it came back ok. I see dr again next Thursday and will ask about celiac
  6. *sorry for the extra post. was posting from new phone, didn't realize it sent this one*
  7. I've been having URQ pains for a while now and in December my liver enzymes were elevated and in January they had doubled from December. I've had blood tests for hepatitis and had an ultrasound of the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, lungs and kidneys. Those all came back ok. I went *back* off gluten on Saturdaythe 19th and I get another round of blood tests on the 29th. Have any of you had these symptoms? OH, and serious constipation!
  8. I have elevated liver enzymes too! In December they were 55, 109. Two weeks later they were 96, 232!!! I've had an ultrasound and everything checked out ok and I all my followup blood work was ok (no hepatitis or other things like that). I'm recommitting to gluten free and hopefully by my next check on January 29th, they'll show improvement.
  9. wow, I've been fighting this too and thought it was due to my meds. I've been eating a lot of corn and milk lately. I didn't have a clue that could cause yeast problems! Now, I'll stop those foods as well. Thank you for the link to the diet. I didn't know there was a candida diet. I had a diflucan the other day and still feel awful!
  10. I'm overweight and suffer from constipation as well. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and I'm stunned to find out there is such a strong link between celiac and RA! I'm so glad to have "refound" this group after being away from the boards for so long.
  11. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  12. December 2008

    What a busy summer! I've done very well at staying wheat free. I haven't lost much weight, which is disappointing, but I do feel pretty good. I now carry an epi-pen in case I get into any wheat. I'm looking for some good pumpkin pie recipes, pumpkin cheesecake, blueberry pie, etc. I have found some but they aren't all that good. I'd also like a good gluten-free pasta but so far I don't like any of them, same with bread...it feels like you have a brick in your stomach after eating those! Not much else is happening. Son had emergency appendectomy Nov. 14 but he's feeling better now. that's about it..
  13. Hi, I don't have a specific plan but I can tell you that for a year or so, I saw a dietician who put me on a 1200 calorie and I felt fantastic. She stressed vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. She was, however, realistic that somedays you don't want to see a leaf of lettuce or another chicken breast and all you want is chocolate. She supported that as long as the overall diet was based on good nutrition. I ate a LOT of salads, seafood, stir-fries, etc. and lost the weight easily. I need to get back on that. I was religious about keeping a food diary and I think that was key to the success. It's funny I read this post today, I had started figuring in my head all day today what I was eating! this was a good nudge to get me going again. OH! the thing that made calorie counting VERY easy was I counted points, not calories. for instance: 75 calories = 1 pt. 150 calories = 2 pt. etc. I was allowed 16 points per day which was 1200 calories. good luck and thanks for the nudge I needed to get back on this
  14. I'm really glad to read this thread! I blood-tested negative for celiac, most of my family is positive, but I have a true wheat allergy..as in my throat and bronchial tubes start swelling shut if I even get a bite of cross-contamination! Before my allergy became so life-threatening, I struggled with this so much but now, it's more of a life and death issue. I haven't been to church in a while and I am not sure how to handle this. I want to go tomorrow and I *think* it's communion Sunday. If so, I'm going to have to just pass on the wafer and take the wine. There's a new pastor since I've been there last and I don't know this one at all. It's a very, very small church and I'm sure there will be those noticing and making their comments but you know..it's really none of their business! God knows why I would decline and I know He loves me whether I eat a cracker or not! hmm....guess I know how I'm going to handle this after all, huh?! lol...
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