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  1. Thanks - just knowing that someone else has this same issue helps! I'm wondering if I just need to try a different type of birth control pill or if things will slowly go back to normal. Thanks again!
  2. I"m having similar problems with irregularity after starting a gluten free diet, even though I'm on the pill. I've been on the pill for years and my periods were always regular, but last month it came one week early (lasted for two weeks) and my PMS was way worse than usual. This month I've started cramping two weeks before my period is due. Can this be the new diet affecting my hormones/the birth control? I"m so confused and worried about why I'm cramping earlier than usual!
  3. I'm a 23 year old female and I was diagnosed with celiac disease and started a gluten free diet almost two months ago. Can going gluten free affect how your body responds to the birth control pill? Last month, my first cycle after the diet change, I had worse PMS symptoms than usual and my period came a week early. This month, I've been cramping two weeks before my period is due, and that has never happened to me. Can this be due to the diet change? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm calling my doctor this week, but any insight would be great!
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