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  1. Debbie B in MD

    Recovery From Surgery

    I had a procedure in September for a female issue. It doesn't seem to have done the trick. It took a lot longer to recover...
  2. Debbie B in MD

    Gerd Vs. Celiac

    It could be non-celiac gluten intolerance. Wheat can give you heartburn. I agree with others. Try it, gluten-free that...
  3. Debbie B in MD

    Is This Neuropathy?

    I believe that soy has cause a lot of my neuropathy issues. I am not officially diagnosed with neurotpathy, but had and...
  4. Debbie B in MD

    Surgery Recovery Question

    I had a "minor" surgical procedure 3 weeks ago. It is unrelated to celiac. (I thought.) It was an endometrial ablation...
  5. Debbie B in MD

    Very Angry

    I was going to post a comment, but I couldn't find where to do so. Frustrating. I think she is confusing healing or improving...
  6. Debbie B in MD

    Flustered With Inability To Lose Weight

    I completely understand how frustrating this is. Have you started replacing what you used to eat with gluten-free replacements...
  7. Debbie B in MD

    Hashimotos, Celiac And Now Muscle Pain!

    I definitely vote for eliminating the nightshades. This made a really big difference for me. Potatoes, formerly one of...
  8. Everytime we have a party I spend a lot of time on my feet preparing. My ankles always hurt for days. I think I may have...
  9. Debbie B in MD

    B12 Deficiency Anemia?

    So what should your B12 be? I don't have my report right in from of me, but I know mine was well at the low end of a...
  10. Debbie B in MD


    COuld there be soy in these big dinners you eat?? I am realizing that soy leads to neuropathy for me. If you finish a...
  11. I wish I could give you a great big hug. It is a difficult transition, but once you are recovered from the liquid diet...
  12. Debbie B in MD

    Daughter Blood Results

    What is the reference range for the ttg?
  13. Debbie B in MD

    Feeling Victorious

    That is great that your doc is on board. I am sorry about the glutening, but you will be feeling great soon.
  14. Those helpful arrows which show if there have been more posts to a topic since I last read the thread are always lit...
  15. Dr. Karnsakul. He listened, he taught, he didn't jump to endoscopy. Very likeable. I would higly recommend him.