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  1. My son was born 8lb12oz. He progressed amazingly while nursing til 14 mos. As soon as I stopped he lost 2 lbs. He started having diarrhea every day up to 12x. He was crying all the time stumbling around as if intoxicated. He was miserable. We went to the dr. 4x and he came up with several possible reasons. Teething, ear infection, exc. Finally deciding he was lactose intolerant. That worked for about a week. As a mother I knew something was wrong. He was so pale and hadn't grown in 5 months. He hadnt slept all night in those 5 months, waking up screaming in pain. A friend suggested a gluten allergy. I started gluten-free that day. Within 48 Hrs I had a new baby. He was happy! The first meal he ate made me cry. He had stopped eating. 4 forced bites had been the usual. He ate a meal portioned for an adult. His hands shaking, shoveling food in faster than I could imagine. He played that day. We got him tested, but since I had already stopped gluten for over a week by time I convinced a different dr. To do the test they came back inconclusive. We've been gluten- free since then. And neither of us could be happier.
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