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  1. Well, I called my husband when I was diagnosed last week. He was at work and the conversation was limited to a minute. I mentioned it again that night and he poo-pood me and I shut up. I mentioned it again when we ate with friends last Friday and he stated he didn't think it was a problem and I shouldn't worry about it. A couple of days later I asked him to come to my doctor's appointment and he agreed. I don't think he has put 2+2 together to realize it's the same doctor. I haven't mentioned it to him since. Last night I picked up dinner. In the course of conversation, I mentioned this might be my last calzone (he complained about where I picked up food from and I stated that I wanted my favorite calzone because it might be my last). He asked why and I mentioned that I was seriously considering trying the gluten-free thing. He got very angry. He said that if I was going to try it then he wanted to go to a nutritionist with me and tell them what junk I eat. I eat okay - not great - but okay. I am vegetarian and get my protein from eggs, cheese, tofu, quinoa and occasional protein bars or drinks. We both work full time so frankly, he only knows what I eat in the evenings. When I am feeling naseous, I eat very bland food (potatoes, rice) because that is all I can get down. He, on the other hand eats fast food quite often, lots of steak, fried foods, etc. I don't eat any of those things. He went on to say I should be exercising. I acknowledge that's true. I do a bit of yoga here and there. But I also work full time, keep the house clean, landscape an acre with several thousand feet of flower beds. I exercised faithfully for 25 years until I hurt my neck (herniated disk, bone spur, arthritis) and developed fibromyalgia and other problems. Now I don't do so much. I'm also 50 years old and no longer care about impressing anyone in a bathing suit. I'm 5'5" - 145 pounds, which is not so bad. He is a foot taller and 275 pounds. He has never exercised a day in his life - not once, ever. He said that I was going to get so sick if I try this diet (I couldn't explain to him that I'll get sick if I don't try it). He actually works with a guy who has celiac disease. He said that if the guy eats a bit of bread he is sick for days. I think he thinks that since I don't have any digestive symptoms I don't have a problem. I wouldn't be opposed to going to the nutritionist with him if he wants to - but that's not the point I'm making. He is so pissed off if I even try to discuss the subject with him at all. I would explain about the disease to him if I could - but as soon as I say the word he blows up. I can't go through life with every meal with him being a fight. I hope he changes his mind after my doctor visit (which he will attend). Otherwise, it is clear that I cannot even start to try this until then, maybe, depending on how the doctor visit goes. Unless he gets on board - this is just not going to work.
  2. Thank you, IrishHeart for the information you sent. I am considering trying the gluten-free thing for a bit - but am worried about my husband accepting it. He is totally not on-board with my vegetarianism and I think he believes that a lot of people go gluten-free to be trendy and to demand extra attention at restaurants - which he hates. I told a co-worker about my diagnosis yesterday and she said that it sounded like my doctor wants me to live in a bubble. I have a follow-up scheduled with my doctor in 5 weeks and I asked my husband to come with me. He is the one that demanded that I go see the gastroenterologist in the first place because I have had spells where I throw up frequently. I used to run errands on Sunday - ending with the grocery store. I would put away my groceries and then instantly vomit. It was really weird and happened 5 times in a row. However, the last time I vomited was 2-1/2 months ago. He sometimes comes to doctor appointments with me. I got really sick and almost died a couple of years ago and now he watches my health closely. However, he doesn't believe I have any problems with wheat because I eat it all the time. He thinks the whole thing is a mountain out of a molehill. I know a lot of you will look down on me for letting him dictate the situation - but it's not going to change unless he changes his mind. We'll see what the doctor says about it. Maybe he will accept it if he gets to ask questions and hear the doctor first-hand. As far as the mental thing goes, I am hoping to get to the point of trying it out. While it may ease some of the chemical imbalances, there are other issues that will still remain. I have complex PTSD and night terrors. The events that caused this will not be erased. I have also been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I have lots of female problems as well - and some other physical problems that are not included on the list of things connected to celiac disease. However, it would be great if some of the things that are connected to it would ease up. I have not been to the grocery store since my diagnosis. Hopefully I will go this coming weekend and purchase some gluten-free foods to try. I think with me it will be baby steps to try to move in the right direction. However, whether or not my husband gets on board will be a big factor in how this progesses. I know this statement will anger some people - but that's my reality.
  3. Sorry - I was away for a few days. I am overwhelmed by all of you that have taken your time to respond to my post with so many helpful thoughts. Thank you!!! I am going to respond to a bunch of different people all at once here: OMG - Pancakes! I make the best pancakes in the world. Not trying to boast, but I found the best recipe and use the best ingredients and anyone who has ever tried my pancakes agrees they are the best. Restaurant pancakes just cannot compare. I usually make chocolate chip pancakes - which are our favorite. If I go gluten-free, my pancakes are one of the things I will miss the most - and my husband is still going to want them. Making them and not eating any would be very hard. As far as my vegetarianism - I do eat eggs and cheese - but no meat, chicken or seafood. My rule is that if it blinks or sh*ts - I don't eat it. As far as counseling goes - I do go to counseling regularly. And I have been through a lot - way more than I've gone into here. I do have my passions. But I also have some mental issues. There - I've said it. It's like the last taboo. People will talk about the most intimate details of their lives - but no one admits to having mental health issues. I am here in this life to love and take care of my kitties. Other than that - I could leave this world tomorrow. While I am here I try to make the world a better place. I do charity work to help animals. This celiac diagnosis (biopsy and bloodwork) has filled me with apprehension and confusion and a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  4. I have a silly question brought to mind by the cat treat post - just being diagnosed and trying to learn about all of this...What about shampoo and conditioner products with wheat protein in them? Can they make a celiac sick? I know the lady said that she had a reaction to the hair spray, which I can understand with it being airborne - but what about things that come into contact with the skin?
  5. You've given me some good info and some helpful info for organizing my thoughts. Yes, it is like a smoker making the decision to smoke despite the knowledge of long-term ill effects. And I guess I can try some baby steps to get closer to the goal and see how it goes. That's not quite as scary. Part of my apprehension is that my husband is already not very tolerant of my vegetarian diet. Adding the gluten-free thing to it will just make it harder. It's good to know that some mainstream restaurants, like Olive Garden, have a gluten-free menu. He would never eat at a health-food-type restaurant. I can tell that some of you are disgusted with my attitude, but I've had lots of health issues over the years and have never had to cope with a doctor telling me I can never, ever, do something. Even smokers are told that cutting back is a helpful step if elimination isn't possible. I'm far from a health nut and I have no desire to live to be old. I just don't want to be crippled and in pain. If you told me that I'd suffer no ill effects - just a 10-year shortened life-span it would still be a no-brainer for me. No kids to impact and I don't think my husband will live to be very old. On a separate note, health had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to become vegetarian. I find meat to be repulsive and our factory-farming practices reprehensible. Not trying to preach to anyone else - and my husband eats meat and I cook it for him - but for me, I just can't do it.
  6. My husband is pretty much all-american steak-and-potatoes, with an occasional trip to an Italian or Mexican restaurant. Indian or Thai is out - he also has a sensitive stomach. Can I have things made with corn tortillas at a Mexican restaurant? It will be really hard if I'm hungry when I get to the restaurant and everyone else is eating bread (which I love) - and I can't eat anything. It's the all-or-nothing thing that's freaking me out. Cutting back seems doable. 100% strict adherence is just so daunting.
  7. My husband likes to eat out, a lot. It would be almost impossible to resist bread when everyone else at the table is eating it - and it's my favorite thing on the menu. Also I'm guessing it would be very hard to eat vegetarian and gluten-free in a restaurant. I could have salad, potato and a vegetable. In the past I would usually have a pasta or a grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled cheese is my favorite. Tonight we have dinner scheduled with friends at my very favorite Italian restaurant - it's been months since I've eaten there.
  8. Well, I don't have any symptoms that I know of from the celiac - but it's another diagnosis on a long list of ailments - some of which are listed as being related. Hashimoto's thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, lots of female problems, multiple miscarriages & much more. When your doctor says - you can never eat a speck of these foods ever again - am I the only person out there that just said - No? Has anyone else out there just decided to ignore it? Blood tests confirm the thyroid. I am no longer trying to have children. The fibromyalgia is irrefutable. I have been living with these things for years and am pretty used to them. Will the gluten-free diet get rid of these things - I doubt it. With no stomach symptoms - I would rather enjoy life. Even if you were to tell me that my life would be shortened by a decade - I would still rather enjoy the time that I have. I am the only one that thinks this way?
  9. So, forgive me - I'm new to this forum stuff - does the listing under your name apply to things that you are going through? When you say you are gluten free as of 3/28/11 - does that mean you were just diagnosed as well?
  10. I just got diagnosed a couple of days ago. I was having some vomiting and my husband insisted I go to the doctor. They did an endoscopy and bloodwork. I haven't vomited for over 2 months now and my stomach has been fine. Then I get this call from my doctor and my whole life is supposed to change. If eating one crouton is just as bad as eating whatever I want - then I might as well eat whatever I want. I can't give up all of this stuff. I could try to cut back - but if that makes no difference then I might as well not even try. I am vegetarian and my husband already gets impatient with me when I have to get specific when ordering in restaurants. His first comment to me is that I will have to start eating meat - which I will not do. The thought that I can never enjoy a nice pasta or piece of bread when dining out is pretty overwhelming, especially when I have no symptoms. I truly wish I had just never answered the phone when my doctor called with the results. I really think I'm just going to ignore the whole thing. Is there anyone else out there on this forum who has made this decision?
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