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  1. OK, so I got a hold of someone who actually know something. The info on the company email was wrong. They are in the process of switching over to gluten free gravy. It seems to be a little messy. She advised me not to eat the gravy yet, but that it appears I got one of the new ones. I told her that, was good. I also said it is dangerous to place Gluten Free on top of a package, with a small disclaimer at the bottom regarding gluten in the gravy. This seems to have been the old practice. She said it met FDA guidelines to do so. I said it may, but it is bad practice. She promised to pass that up. I should receive hormel coupons in the mail for my trouble
  2. I got the email back from them. The gravy does contain gluten. The email stated that they mark their product as containing gluten and that I should check their website for updates. I save the packaging and it is in front of me. No where, including on the gravy does it state it contains gluten. So be aware Kquad
  3. I hope so, I tossed it rather than risk it. We had already opened it for Christmas dinner and they were not open. As sick as I get, I would never risk it! Kept the receipt, and plan on a refund. Kind of messed up Christmas. I only bought it because it said gluten free. It was much more expensive than other alternatives.
  4. states contains "in big letter "NO GLUTEN. Under ingredients for gravy. only possible mention is modified food starch. No where including inside, does it states contain gluten. To top it off, the ingredients are first listed for the turkey, then the gravy and right below the gravy is the no gluten indication. Turkey.......... Gravy........ contains milk, NO GLUTEN Kantoquad
  5. I could not find this in a search, so I wanted to warn people. I bought Jennie O oven ready turkey breast, because it states "no Gluten". No where on the package does it states that the gravy contains gluten, which it does. It does state modified food starch in the ingredients. Fortunately, My wife is not trusting. She check the website, which warns it contains gluten. I fired off a very angry email. Kquad
  6. Biopsy

    http://www.coeliac.org.uk/healthcare-professionals/associated-conditions-and-complications/dermatitis-herpetiformis IgA antibodies must be present in the skin biopsy for a definite diagnosis (4). It is important the person continues to eat gluten as the gluten-free diet can cause false negative results. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dermatitis_herpetiformis Diagnosis is confirmed by a simple blood test for IgA antibodies,[17] and by a skin biopsy in which the pattern of IgA deposits in the dermal papillae, revealed by direct immunofluorescence, distinguishes it from linear IgA bullous dermatosis[8] and other forms of dermatitis. These tests should be done before the patient starts on a gluten-free diet, otherwise they might produce false negatives. If the patient has already started a gluten-free diet (there is a strong relationship with DH and coeliac sprue), it might be necessary for them to come off it for some weeks before the tests can be done reliably. [edit] There were more, but it is midnight. Goodnight
  7. Biopsy

    Pricklypear, I checked lots of websites again, many state the skin biopsy must be done while on gluten ( maybe another grey area in this disease). However, i have been on dapsone 2 days, seems to be really helping. They seem smaller and have taken on a purple tint in many areas. The improvement is not uniform and is most noted on the back
  8. Biopsy

    I am confused, are you saying being gluten free can not give you a false negative on a DH biopsy? I swear I read that in multiple places.
  9. Biopsy

    sent links with info about gluten free diet having false negatives and proper biopsy technique. He emailed me back and offered a trial dapsone. Stuff sounds scary a bit. Rash is a bit lighter this week after months. I know it can vary and has, but I may hold off a week. Feel good having a MD reconsider.
  10. I went and had a biopsy. I mentioned to the dermatologist, I had been gluten free since march. I said I heard that could give a false negative. He said that was wrong. Also, he seemed to take the 2 biopsies from directly on a lesion. I know have the results back. One was negative. The other could not be read. Should I really take this as a true negative.
  11. I was positive blood and negative biopsy also. Time has proven the blood test correct, because other things popped up and pretty much proved it. The test, as I understand measures damage indirectly, so if it is early or your symptoms are mainly neuro, the blood test can be wrong
  12. Thanks, reading as I am eating a tunafish sandwich. Avoid fish. Starting next meal and the areas not covered with cortisone are really starting to itch!
  13. Thanks, Cromolyn is an awesome mast cell stabilizer. I will try it if needed. As I am not off steroids yet, the itching is tolerable. Is there a place to get info on avoiding iodine, beside being careful with table salt?
  14. Thanks, it does look like some of the early pics of DH and some are starting to blister. I will try the low iodine. Is there any symptom of celiac I have missed? I do not want any symptom to feel left out. I am so turned off to doctors now, I just can't see another.
  15. I was diagnosed with celiac in march. Almost immediately, I also cam down with bronchitis and was on prednisone for a month. When I came off, I developed what I thought was hot tub rash ( folliculitis) around my trunk from the nipple line to the belt line. I then got glutened an became very sick, found I had gluten ataxia ( MRI showed cerebellar damage). I could not work, so I put myself on steroids (which really helped the ataxia) and the rash went away around them. I am now coming off the steroid ( 5mg a day) and the rash is back. It itches moderately ( but I am still on steroids) has very small acne like look on some some are just red. I am trying cortisone cream on one area and it seems to be helping. I can not be sure it is DH and I am tired of seeing doctors. Does cortisone cream help anyone?
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