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  1. I recently discovered "Simplebites Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies" from Pamela's Products at the local Fry's supermarket. They're not cheap, but man, are they delicious!
  2. About six months after I was diagnosed (Nov. 2006) I had lost fifteen pounds. Now that my diet is more varied, I've probably gained about five of those back and stabilized there.
  3. Congrats on what sounds like correct self-diagnosis! Eating naturally gluten-free foods such as fruits and veggies is good advice. Read all labels and get familiar with the Safe and Unsafe lists on this site. When starting out, I was surprised to learn that mustard, soy sauce, and black liqorice for example can contain gluten. One of my favorite ways to start the morning is to make a smoothie from rice milk, fresh fruit juice, frozen blueberries and strawberries, plus one scoop of Thorne MediClear protein powder. Toasted Udi's gluten-free bagels plus fresh cream cheese is another favorite. Picazzo's is my favorite gluten-free pizza place, and whatever I can't get at my local supermarket I get from Whole Foods or Sprouts. Glutino and Udi's are two of my favorite gluten-free food labels. Also, you can get a lot of recipes, articles, and other good advice by following gluten-free people on Twitter. Finally, if you drink, even in moderation, you might consider giving up alcohol altogether. I never have as much energy as when I do my annual three-week detox course, which excludes alcohol. Good luck!
  4. Smelly gas used to be one of my symptoms before I was diagnosed as a celiac. Especially after drinking dark beer... it got to be so bad that my friends refused to sit anywhere near me if I drank it.
  5. I wonder if organic blue agave might help you. It's a low glycemic organic sweetener and looks like syrup. I have a bottle from Wholesome Sweeteners both at home and at the office. I use it in my coffee every day and we've used it in lieu of sugar in baking and cooking. It treats me far better than regular sugar does, which kicks my blood sugar into the stratosphere immediately and then makes it free-fall after a while. This blue agave stuff elevates the blood sugar level gently and maintains it far longer. We get two bottles at a time from CostCo.
  6. Stick to that gluten free diet, you will start to feel better soon. When I started, the first week didn't seem to do much for me, but by the end of the second week I felt a huge difference.
  7. Apart from feeling better and healthier overall, one very welcome benefit was the loss of about 15 pounds, right from the love handles/beer belt region. I used to love my beer, especially Newcastle Brown Ale, but since giving all that up I've gotten back down to my college weight, which is phenomenal. I'm now able to use several favorite pants again after having them in storage for years.
  8. I've gotten into the habit of checking RetailMeNot.com before buying anything. You can get printable coupons, or coupon codes for online shopping. If you use Twitter you can follow them there for the latest coupon news (@retailmenot).
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