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  1. Been sick for a week and a half now, pain wont go away. everything im eating is driving my body to death, im puking for no other reason but because the pain is so much. went to the ER last night, they made e wait 6 hours I said screw it and left. Do they reallyy want me to wait in this loud ass waiting room with bright ass lights family guy on full blast and i cant even stay in the washroom cause other people need it. Meanwhile they make me wait 5-6 hours for morphine when I told them it could be down by then. I had to leave, i couldnt deal with the same s$#& again, cry for someone to listen to me so i leave the next day and nothing gets done, they let me go but they dont now the pain happens the nextday and the next day. I feel so screwed, i puked out the only thing i ate for 5 days and im getting no sleep, i have an insanely loud ringing in my ear that wont stop, i hate doctors. They give me nothing for pain when im at home an get pissy at me when i go to the ER.
  2. I`m trying to get in touch with a social worker but I need my SIN number to do that, and I need money to get my SIN card. Hmmmmm. I`m on day 21, I`ve had two bad stomach pains since than and alot of nausea and just feeling like absolute poop. I have no way to tell if anything is getting cross contaminated cause I dont really have anything thats my own that I can use, I also still have no food, in a dire position right now. Feeling atleast better than my stomach feeling like poop 100% of the time I can actually get some good days in right now, just need consistency and resources. Not gonna stop the diet though the pains is worse than the hunger. gotta keep troopin. Also tried a NON-GMO soy chocolate cookie, I didnt get pains, I was bewildered. anyone else tried it??? Im from B.C my friend, Victoria. The doctors seem to wanna do anything BUT listen to their patients, I can only guess how many people have these problems but are now drugged up on anti-depressants and A.D.D pills instead only because they couldnt find out about food allergies. My doctors still a dink, I`ve decided to go Rambo style next time I see him, Go big or go home. I`m gonna get my point across and demand what I want, if he doesnt like it than theres n point in seeing him again. Im tired of being nice and passive to the doctors when I need something done NOW instead of 6-12 months from now. He`s put me on drugs that i`d never wanna touch and I fully regret ever taking now cause they had nothing to do with my problem. I got a fever and a blasting headache, I havn`t been feeling good lately but the stomach pain is down so im stoked about that, I know it just has to do with getting what my body needs.
  3. I live in canada, sorry I should of mentioned that. If I cant get my doctor to write a note for the government I wont be able to get money, he still thinks im lying about everything and that its all in my head. I`m 21 years old,I try to work every single possible day I can and pay for everything myself. I couldnt finish high school, or keep a job or stay in soccer or do ANYTHING with my life because of this, I feel like im being thrown away like a piece of garbage. its messed up, I know alot of people who get government assistance and spend it all on weed, bongs, trips and new golf clubs (not a joke, I know 3 people who lives off government assistance for no reason) and I`ve been telling my doctor(since I was 15) that I have no food. I dont even have glasses or contacts so im pretty much blind and cant work even If I didnt have stomach pains ( my doctor knows this too but didnt say anything). I`ve also asked 5 DIFFERENT doctors wether or not my stomach problems and nausea etc could be due to a food allergy, they always said NO and NEVER mentaioned gluten-free or ANY food allergies (even though he knew I worked in a bakery Too) I have no money to get new pans ( I live with 3 other people ) so everything I cook with has to be used for them too, basically what i`m saying is I NEED to go gluten-free but I cant, because you need resources, im darned, thats all. I dont get stomach pains if I just dont eat, but when I just dont eat I feel like im gonna die.
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    my ipod right now = radiohead steely dan queen gorillaz white stripes otis redding supertramp stevie ray
  5. when im feeling my worst worst worst and the nausea is uncontrollable and the pain is to much and I think I just cant do this anymore, this is what saves me, no joke.
  6. The last five days have been awwwweful, Saturday night I did a soy test to make sure it was the soy that got me, it definitely was but this time the pain was worse, struggled through all of sunday and didnt eat anything until waay late at night (bad idea) barely slept, woke up in crazy pain again, couple hours later finally got out of bed, super hungry but theirs no food, dont eat til late at night again, fall asleep fine, wake up in super amounts of pain (its always a bit delayed, i`ll wake up not feeling right than the super pain wil come through 15-30 minutes later, pain lasts for HOURS and I cant get out of my bed. Finally had an alright day yesterday (just made it to soccer, did NOT feel good there) Finally got enough food in me for one day, fell asleep feeling fine but woke up this morning feeling AWEFUL more pain, i`ve been in bed for hours again and am writing from the bed. My mom has no money and gets mad at me everytime I ask for food or try to tell her about my problem and how serious it is (shes my only connection to money or food but lives at her boyfriends) I go days without eating and I cant stand it, my body keeps crying for food, especially since i`ve started this gluten free diet, I`ve been in and out of jobs for years because of this and am even currently employed at a bakey (but I cant work there) Even my own doctor has told me not to work but I have no money. Anytime I have a good day it just gets ruined because I dont have food to keep the consistency going or money to even buy my own pans or some poop, i`m getting tired of this, theres a way out, I could be ok and get my life back but I have no doggone resources. I seriously dont know what to do. noone in my family knows what im doing because they dont care, i feel like every second im gonna pass out because im so hungry, my stomach just turns and turns and grumbles and I get so light headed and it`ll just make my stomach pain worse. I keep getting hope that somethings gonna change and i`ll be able to take charge of my life but its NEVER possible, I straight up have no resources to do anything, I dont even have change to catch a doggone bus. I`ve told all of this to my doctor, he doesnt give a poop, im confused and feel like quitting life, not because im depressed but because I see no other choice???? theres no way I can work cause im so malnutritioned and keep having these pains everyday because I cant buy what I need to keep my gluten-free soy-free milk-free diet going BUT if I eat gluten or soy (cheaper foods) I get intense stomach pains and end up in the ER so I cant even work anyways, poop THIS
  7. I`ve been real hungry later, even when Im eating or eating certain things, its like its asking for a certain type of food or nutrient that its not gettig. If I just keep eating meat I wont get full til I have some fruit or something more than meat and potatos, I dont really know whats goin on, but i felt the same last night.
  8. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies dont make money off Celiacs or being gluten-sensitive cause theres no medecine or even follow up appointments its just stay off the Gluten, doctors dont like that, the more you continue to go see the doctor the more every body else makes and the more prescriptions they write the more money they make. They dont know how hard it is every day for you and they dont care, this is only your choice, Stay off the gluten and feel good or continue to listen to doctors who dont know your life.
  9. Wow, i dont know if this is purely a control issue with your husband but this whole story is messed up, getting mad at someone because they wanna feel better, boy am I confused. Exercising WILL NOT help if you continue to take in gluten, your body needs MORE food MORE protein after you exercise and cant grow and cant get healthier if you continue poisining yourself. You gotta put your foot down and put your health and your life AHEAD OF EVERYONES at this point especially your husbands.
  10. Thanks for the reply, I guess im definitely not alone, I never even would`ve tried gluten-free without finding this forum and after having stomach pain yesterday I had to figure out why it was. My guess was the soy or soy lecithin in the ``non-gluten`` cookies that I purchased it was a weird pain, huuuge stabbing pain for 10 minutes than went away (usually when the pain comes it wont leave THAT QUICK) so I was stoked about how short the pain was for and now today i`ve eaten everything the same as yesterday EXCEPT the cookies and feel good, no more pain or uncomfortableness right now. I`ve been going around this site and seeing people who weren`t diagnosed for 10 or even 20+ years, its heart breaking to know if someone just actually listened to them for 1 minute everything would`ve been better. I wont be working at the bakey ever again, gotta find another job I guess but I cant work til im healed up anyways. by the way, rice bread is goooooooooooooood
  11. damn these gluten free cookies have soy and this chocolate bar too Soy and Soy Lecithin Should I still eat it
  12. I would, but anytime these days I even try talking to my doctor he just gets mad at me and tells me its in my head. Everytime i`ve brought up a food ``allergy`` to any doctor I get the same respons
  13. I put my life in perspective before going gluten-free I went vegan cause I thought maybe that was the answer, everytime I even think about complaining about my life I stop and put it in perspective. Its either Eat Gluten and Dont have a Life OR Dont eat Gluten and live a happy life. eeeeeasy decision. Oh, So you cant eat Gluten. Well atleast you`re Eating Oh So you cant eat when you go on holidays. Well you`re on a holiday something 95% of the world will never be able to do, enjoy it. Theirs also people out there with such worse problems than this, people who only have ``elemental drinks`` day in day out where they literally eat nothing or have to poop into a bag. Put it in perspective, people in wheel chairs and broken spines have the strength to live a happy life, why cant we?
  14. Well I`ve decided to go gluten free as its my last resort to get my life back, I`m not bringing my doctor into this or telling him anything even though im supposed tobe seeing him once every two weeks. I`m 21 years old, I`ve had chronic stomach pain for 7 years. I also get nauseas as hell and generally feel like poop all day which didn`t make sense since I ate well and play soccer religiously (6+ hours a day of training)I`ve been in and out of the emergency practically every month with stomach pains above my belly button. The pain was so severe I could not walk I could not move, I just sweat and shook like a leaf.Last time I was in the Emergency after waiting 7 hours I finally got my first shot of morphine, 7 shots later and 1 pill the intense stabbing pain would not stop, I was awake for a couple days and after felt tottaly out of it for weeks after, this would happen all the time. My stomach always felt weak, uncomfortable. Sleeping is hell and still is, I always wake up every couple of hours. My asthma gets worse no matter what I do. I keep going to doctors and have had 3 CT scans, barium tests colonsocopy`s and other stupid tests that all came back with no information. My first doctors told my family I was lying about everything and my second doctor is telling me that its all in my head, last appointment he tried giving me Cipralex (for depression or anxiety)I tried my hardest to explain that I wasn`t depressed, the only reason i`m ever sad is because I cant have a job or a life because I feel like poop ALL THE TIME or i`m in absolutely crazy amounts of pain and cant do ANYTHING. Since that appointment, I havnt gone back since that appointment, I`ve been spending whole entire days on the internet looking for SOMETHING and i`ve landed on this. I`m not saying im ceoliac or even proven gluten-sensitive all i`m saying is that im gonna try this diet out and with my fourth full day coming up, I havnt had stomach pain ONCE and wake up with what I call `Strong stomach`` where I just wake up and my stomach doesnt feel like play-doh, im s$#&ting more regularly and more pleasantly. Now get this, I work at a Bakery and where I worked was bags and bags and bags of wheat flour, I would have it all over me by the end of the day and I would ALWAYS get sick at work, seems like working there is out of the question now hahah. Anyways i`ll keep bringing updates to see if this cure has worked or not.
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