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  1. I had some bowel issues just this morning, not long after I had my coffee with creamer. I have coffeemate, which claims to be gluten free, but I was wondering if maybe I could have issues with casein as well. This rash did start not long after getting my new Keurig machine, and I have doubled if not tripled my coffee/creamer intake. I would be really sad to have it go, but I am so miserable itching all the time that I dn't even care anymore! I am going to cut out the creamer completely and see what happens.
  2. I was almost thinking of skipping the allergist appointment, as I don't want another copay, so I'm glad you posted this. I will still go and see what he has to say. I am now on day 4 or 5 of being gluten free and I am seeing zero improvment, but that's too soon anyway, right? I am getting discouraged. I am honestly hopeful that this is it, just so I can have an answer and know hot to treat this. What is the EnteroLab that you are talking about? Is it something you do yourself, and if so how do you do it?
  3. Thanks so much for your response. I have decided to go gluten free on my own. I have been told that even though it could take a very long time for the rash to go away completely, I will know in a couple weeks to a month if gluten is the culprit. I am only on day 2 of being gluten free, and I know it won't be easy, but I will figure it out. Luckily I'm a person who doesn't eat a whole lot anyway. I love my bread, but it will be totally worth it if I feel better! I have a lot of learning to do to know what is gluten free and what isn't. I had read that non dairy coffee creamer contains gluten and I was so bummed! But after doing a quick internet search I learned that my coffeemate creamer is gluten free, it even says so on the packaging! I was pretty excited about that, since I love my coffee, and it just isn't the same without the creamer. I guess if anything I'll lose a few pounds. Have to look at the bright side, right? If this doesn't work, I guess I am at a total loss as to what could be causing my rash (or whatever it is) I have an appointment next week at an allergist (which I fear will be a giant waste of time, but I guess it can't hurt since I haven't seen an allergist in probably 20+ years and I do have lots of allergies and asthma). I wasn't able to get into a dermatologist until the end of the month. As far as it presenting differently in people, my husband talked to a coworker whose wife and kids have it. All three of them have extremely different issues if they ingest gluten. It's all very interesting. What really baffles me is how common this is becoming.
  4. Thanks for your response!! But holy cow, what can you eat? I did schedule a dermatologist appointment, and I am hopeful that they are knowledgeable in DH, so I can get a definitive answer one way or another. (Of course I can't get in for a month) I keep searching for other possibilities and I'm not coming up with anything. Here are a couple of pictures IMG_20110405_101137-1 by susanshanelarson, on Flickr IMG_20110405_100851 by susanshanelarson, on Flickr IMG_20110405_101017 by susanshanelarson, on Flickr
  5. I think I may have DH. I broke out in a rash beginning of November, mostly on my arms and hips. Went to the doctor, he said it was eczema, and prescribed a cream, told me to use a lot of moisturizer, and gave me a script for prednisone because it was pretty bad. The prednisone helped, but as soon as I went off it the rash spread all over. I've done searches on the internet for pictures of different rashes, hives, skin conditions. Nothing looked really like what I have. Went back to the doctor again, and he agreed with me that it wasn't eczema. He prescribed prednisone again, except I took it in a different way. (start out with a high dose and taper down) Again it got a little better, but didn't go away totally. After I went off the prednisone, it didn't seem to be getting a whole lot worse this time. One week I ended up eating a lot more bread products than normal, and I noticed the rash got a lot worse. I looked up gluten intolerance rash and it looks identical! Seems to act the same too. I guess I don't notice a burning sensation so much, mostly after scratching but I attributed that to scratching too much. Went back to the doctor, he did a blood test and of course everything came back normal. I should also add that I've had some intestional issues for about 14 years, have been diagnosed with irritable bowel and have issues that tend to come and go. I was referred to an allergist and am waiting for the appointment. I am getting desperate here, I just want something to work to take this away. I have tried antihistamines and they do absolutely nothing. I have noticed that I have random bruising around the itchiest areas as well. Anyone experience this? I will upload a picture later to see what you all think. I was also wondering if anyone knows of any skin conditions that can mimic the look of dh? I am practically in tears over this. I am so sick of itching all the time, and these scabs are awful looking! It keeps me up at night, I've ruined some clothes from scratching and the bleeding that comes from it. Advice, thoughts?? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Oh, and do you think I should find a good dermatologist and schedule an appointment for a biopsy? If I were to just go gluten free on my own, how long would it take for the rash to show improvement?
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