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  1. WOW! This makes me so happy! Thanks for looking into this. Yesterday I ordered a caesar and was raving about how good it was, while wondering if it was going to affect me today. I feel fine and now I know why, no gluten! If I can't have beer, at least I will be able to have caesars!
  2. Definitely. I will continue gluten free throughout this pregnancy at the very least. I will scan my test results and post - I would love some feedback. Thanks everyone.
  3. But I thought a blood test was only a potential indicator for Celiac. Am I wrong? Can you not have Celiac but have a high blood test? Does that mean a person is just gluten intolerant/sensitive?
  4. My Dr. told me I have Celiac Disease based on the 'positive blood test'. Only recently I realized that the blood test is not definitive. Is it? When I was tested, it was Christmastime and my gluten consumption was probably 300% more than it ever would be in another month because I went kind of crazy with food and booze (I normally eat extremely low carb for other reasons). So maybe my blood test was abnormally high. I have been gluten free (strict) since January 15. I don't feel any better. But here is the thing, I never felt bad in the first place and did not have any of the symptoms listed for celiac (except I had 2 miscarriages in the past). So how the heck do I know if I am Celiac or not? I'm not willing to get sedated and do the biopsy as I am 4.5 months pregnant right now and do not need added stress. After I have the baby and stay Gluten free will my body and skin and energy become magically awesome? Because I feel like its pretty good now (and was before pregnancy too). I just feel so frustrated by this gluten free life. Maybe I am in denial but I'm starting to question my Dr. as well. Any insight would be appreciated.
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