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  1. The only cottage cheese without additives in my store is Friendship.
  2. I thought birds were not safe because they were pumped full of brining solution that contains additives that contain gluten. I need to look up what is safe
  3. That is true . I lost 80 pounds once and it did firm up over time
  4. Cross contamination . I am going to have to be careful also. I won't trust anything if made where gluten products are. I know you had gluten free version of the pizza but I think pizza dough must be higher I gluten because I always had worse symptoms than with regular bread. So maybe in that environment there is more gluten flying around.
  5. Only thing I know is plenty of water, exercise and exfoliliate in the shower with a good scrubbie or loofa sponge to stimulate the skin.
  6. I hope I start feeling better soon. At least an improvement would be good. I am dealing with mostly stiffness and pain. I think I have symptoms of malnutrition . My b12 was about 230 last checked and I have numbness in fingers and toes. My teeth are breaking and I have started supplements but I can't go to a doctor because if lack of insurance. There is a place that will do blood work without a script so maybe I can have my potassium and calcium checked. I haven't officially been diagnosed but I so have an allergy to wheat firstly and have symptoms when eating gluten so that is all I need to know to stay away from it. I can't eat soy and dairy causes intestinal problems . My health is going down. I need to turn it around
  7. If I am very strict and careful not to get any gluten, how soon might I see muscle stiffness and pain go away ? I thought I had gout but now I do believe my pain and stiffness and muscle cramping is due to gluten. I noticed a big difference when I cheated and had pizza. The next day my legs hurt and were so still it was painful to walk. So now I know I need to be good! How long might I start seeing improvement . And how long does it take to get gluten out of my body if I don't eat any. Possible to inhale?
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