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  1. I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease yesterday after a gluten challenge. I'm now experiencing detox symptoms, flu-like feeling, headaches, fatigue, grumpiness. Is there anything I can do to lessen the side effects?
  2. Along with Celiac Disease, I'm also getting tested for Crohn's. I had a colonoscopy four weeks ago, which was clear. However, my small bowel series showed an "abnormal" terminal ileum, and the barium didn't feed through the intestinal area properly. He said this could be suggestive of inflammatory bowel disease. Has anyone with Celiac's ever had a small bowel series? Can Celiac's manifest itself on a small bowel series? What would that look like?
  3. Thanks so much! I'll call the hospital and ask them. My guess is it'll be close to your experience.
  4. I'm on Day 6 of a gluten challenge. When I woke up this morning, my gums have erupted with canker sores. Why is this? Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. My GI doc is semi-retired and only works on Thursdays. I have an appointment with him next Thursday to find out the results of my Celiac blood work and small bowel series (for Crohn's). I'm doing the gluten challenge now, so I'm trying to push taking the blood test as close to my dr. appointment as possible. If I took the blood test Monday or Tuesday would that give the lab enough time to run the tests and report to my GI? The lab is at my local hospital, which is also where my GI practices. Thanks in advance!!
  6. I'm on Day 4 of a gluten challenge, and the digestive symptoms (severe diarrhea, cramping) that originally precipitated my gluten-free diet are not reoccurring. Has this ever happened to anyone? I have had an IgG positive test to gliadin and my gluten-free diet did cause my original digestive symptoms to go away. Since starting the gluten challenge, I have had fatigue, flu-like symptoms, bloating, gas, and joint pain. However, the diarrhea and cramping haven't reappeared. Could this mean I'm really not gluten intolerant or that I dont' have Celiac's?
  7. Tons of questions from me. Thanks for your patience! In terms of symptoms, is there a difference btween the symptoms a Celiac who's ingested gluten has versus the symptoms of someone with gluten sensitivity experiences?
  8. I've always read that before people are diagnosed with Celiac's that weight loss is a primary symptoms. But, do people ever gain weight with Celiac's before going gluten-free? The reason I ask is that I gained about 45 pounds over two years when I was eating gluten on a regular basis. When I went gluten-free after having a positive IgG test, I lost every pound. I'm now back to my normal weight, and feel much better. Does this ever happen with Celiac's, or gluten intolerance?
  9. Everyone is completely right. Thank you TH especially. That story about your friend's child is heartbreaking. You'd think in this modern day and age, they'd have a better way to test than the gluten challenge. It seems so barbaric and unnecessarily cruel. I'm definitely going to request the genetic test. I think it's completely ridiculous to do this gluten challenge. Yes, Ms Curious, it was a positive IgG and then a dramatically positive response to a gluten-free diet. My first positive IgG test was ordered by a naturopathic doctor. Along w. the typical diarrhea and abdominal pain, I had a lot of the extra-intestinal Celiac/gluten intolerance symptoms like RA, lots of upper respiratory infections, fatigue and peripheral neuropathy. I wonder if my GI's refusal to accept that first test is due in part to the fact that a medical doctor didn't order it. Perhaps a bias of the medical community toward alternative health practitioners. I know it sounds crazy, but I partly started this gluten challenge because my GI doc made me doubt the validity of my first result. Although my digestive symptoms stopped after 48 hrs. of being gluten-free, my GI made me question myself. I started to think that maybe I was just having a placebo effect. I started the gluten challenge to both prove to both my doctor and myself that I'm at the very least gluten intolerant. This is my 3rd day on the gluten challenge. I'm not getting the extreme digestive upset that caused me to run to the bathroom which happened right before I gave up gluten. However, I do have flu-like symptoms, bloating, gas, and my arthritic joints are very inflammed. I dont' know what else to attribute those reactions to other than gluten.
  10. Thanks so much for the help! I'm on day 2 of my gluten challenge and I'm feeling pretty miserable. Digestive upset was my chief complaint before I quit gluten. This time, I'm feeling a little less digestive upset, but I feel like I have the flu. My limbs feel heavy and my brain is foggy. My nose is running, and I feel like I have chest congestion. My joints are also significantly more painful. I'm also super bloated and gassy. Such a joy to be around right now. I've decided to only do the gluten challenge for 12 days. I realize that it's probably not enough time, but that's all I can do. I'm not sure if I'll even make it that far given how awful I feel right now. Does anyone know how long it takes for the blood test results to come back? My GI ordered a Ttg and EMA IgA (I think that's right). The lab is at my local hospital where his office is. I want the blood test results to come in before my Thursday appointment, so I was thinking of going in Monday afternoon. Is this enough time?
  11. I've just started a gluten challenge in order for my doc to run an accurate IgA and TTG blood test. I had been been gluten free for 10 months prior. My GI doc said I only had to eat gluten for 1.5-2 weeks. However, everywhere else I've read it can take 4-6 weeks. Which is true?
  12. Thanks so much for all the great replies! I really don't understand why my doc wants to do this. Even if I'm not technically a "celiac," I know I'm gluten intolerant, and the end result is the same. I can't eat gluten. I think my plan is to eat it as long as I possibly can stand to, and then take the blood test. That might mean eating it for only 3 days. If the blood test doesn't show the antibodies because I haven't given it enough time, well too bad. I'd rather keep my health than satisfy a doctor's curiosity.
  13. My name is Kathryn and I've been gluten free for 10 months after a positive IGG test. I opted not to do the biopsy, and instead went completely gluten-free. I immediately felt better without gluten, but now I'm developing other symptoms that the GI thinks might suggest Crohn's. This GI is new and didn't do the igg blood test. He doesn't trust the reliability of that blood test, and wants to do the endomysial antibody IgA and TTG. For those, I need to start eating gluten again, which I'm dreading. I've already eaten my first gluten meal (pizza) and already been bloated, nauseous, and just ill. My doctor told me I only needed to eat gluten for 1.5-2 weeks in order for the antibodies to show up. However, I read online that it can take upwards of 1 month. Which is true? How long do I have to eat gluten to ensure the accuracy of the test? How much gluten do I need to eat each day?
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