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    Olfactory Hallucinations

    I am getting these symptoms as well, I figured it was the Brain Fog. I could swear the time said 3:44pm, I got in the car and it was 1:44pm, I came back in the house, and it was 1:45pm. I have cut out all use of sugar, Gluten and am following...
  2. I noticed the box says "Gluten Free" for Rice Chex. I am going to give them a whirl, and add them to my foods to eat list since I see nobody has had an adverse reaction. I also been eating "Premio" Brand Sausage, and Kool-aid mix, which...
  3. Hi, Unsure if I can help much with Doctor location, but I can tell you what helped me! Water, remove sugar and carbs. I dropped down to 85lbs because of these idiots. I have no food allergies, except the Gluten. I suggest you seek E...
  4. MrsMonteSS


    Hi, I just went yesterday, after being misdiagnosed for the last two months (Hyperthyroidism / Diabeties). I am Gluten Free for two days now, and slowly feeling myself coming back together. I went and had no food allergies, but he ordered...