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  1. I am getting these symptoms as well, I figured it was the Brain Fog. I could swear the time said 3:44pm, I got in the car and it was 1:44pm, I came back in the house, and it was 1:45pm. I have cut out all use of sugar, Gluten and am following a strict diet between Celaic and Candida. I was diagnosed last year with a healthy yeast issue, and didn't take it too seriously. I had my Celiac Panel yesterday and can't wait to get the results. I did eat Strawberries, and was told this is contraversial. I am unsure if I was Glutened or not because I also ate Gluten Free Boars Head Cheese twice, and this is not good for Candida. I did the Candida spit test this morning, and failed miserabley. I feel like I am facing both, so I am treating them both. I pray this gets better every day... For all of us! We are broke, and my husband is home caring for me, and our boys! We went from living one way, to me getting a cold in December, and everything changed! Hope all is well everyone :) RGG

  2. Many of you may have seen my post in the general forum. I'm still really sick after gluten exposure four weeks ago. I tried to get in to see my GI and was told the first time I could see him was May 16th. MAY!!!! I SLEPT ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR Saturday night for goodness sakes and in desperation to stop the madness I seriously quit eating ANYTHING on Sunday. I told the schduler all this and she was unmoved. :angry:

    Thankfully - not eating anything helped. But that is NOT RIGHT!!! NONE of this is! I am desperately seeking a doctor. I need to see someone who knows about celiac AND colitis, but at this point I would almost take a chance on someone I can just SEE when I am at rock effing bottom like this.

    SO, I need suggestions for a doctor in southern cali - I am pretty sure some of the people from the LA CDF connections are on here too? I am willing to travel - LA, OC, even SD.

    Please, help... :(


    Unsure if I can help much with Doctor location, but I can tell you what helped me! Water, remove sugar and carbs. I dropped down to 85lbs because of these idiots. I have no food allergies, except the Gluten. I suggest you seek E.R to expedite the GI process. I was misdiagnosed Diabetic over the sugar. I eat Sausage (Premio is gluten free) It has alot of protein and no carbs, Kool-Aid Mix is Gluten Free, but I drink it weak, and use water as well. Not too much water, but the 8 glass a day rule. I eat lettuce, and strawberries because they are low in sugar. You HAVE to eat. Celiac depletes the body as it is. Chicken was OK for me, but avoid Turkey. Boar's head products are also Gluten Free, but stay low-fat. It has to run it's course, I am getting better every day and was even able to nap today! You have to stay healthy in the meantime, I understand how you feel about not eating, but this can further malnution. No Banana or tropical fruits, no apples, no rice, no sugar, no dressing, butter unsalted only! Low Carb, High Protein, Boil out sausage first to reduce sodium. Eggs maybe, or egg whites every few days. I can feel my head again, ouch! Hope this helps! RoseAnne - NY

  3. Has anyone ever gone to an allergist for food allergy testing? I was looking at the enterolab and they are so expensive? I want to get tested but I want to make sure I go to the right kind of doctor....

    Hi, I just went yesterday, after being misdiagnosed for the last two months (Hyperthyroidism / Diabeties). I am Gluten Free for two days now, and slowly feeling myself coming back together. I went and had no food allergies, but he ordered the Gluten work up. A Gastro typically deals with the effects of Celiac, but my allergist wanted this done right away. I would avoid as much sugar as possible because it is the reason I was misdiagnosed, stay hydrated, and start reading labels. I was allows in bouts with Lactose Intolerance as well. Hope this helps! RoseAnne - NY