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  1. Hi All I've been looking through the window for a while now and decided i should call in and say hi, and also ask a question if thats ok?! I was diagnosed with celiac disease in September 2009 (symptoms started February 2009) and have been gluten-free ever since, with the odd mistake here and there like most people, im sure. I was diagnosed after visiting my doctor with crippling stomach cramps after eating. They tested me for all sorts including an ulsar, gallstones etc etc. Finally a blood test and an endoscopy (arent they fun!) showed up celiac disease. Ok, so off i went on a gluten-free diet. I was still getting the odd painful stomach now and then but once I stopped eating oranges, pineapple, bananas, strawberries and egg (fried egg - in gluten-free cakes etc its ok) my pain stopped completely. After a couple of nights out i realised that cider (Strongbow and a few others) causes the same reaction, although a longer delay between consumption and reaction. Looking back I would say that most (maybe all?) of my pain attacks were directly after eating one of the above food stuffs! I have cut the following out of my diet - along with Gluten: Bananas Oranges Strawberries Pineapple Egg (sunny side up!) Any type of fruit juice Cider Probably more that I dont remember right now However, i regularly have McDonalds (without the bun) and I have no reaction at all that I could tell you about. And although I was emailed direct from McDonalds HQ to say my listed items could be consumed safely and were gluten free, i'm still not convinced that SOME gluten doesnt find its way in. My question is this (eventually) could my celiac disease cause my bad reaction to the above food/drink? Could the damage caused by my celiac disease cause my body to react badly to the fruit etc? My gluten-free specialist says not and that there may be something else wrong. Can anyone shed some light? Or does anyone have the same problems? Thanks for reading my ramblings. I look forward to hearing your replies and answering some of your questions in the future
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