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  1. My issues were mainly mental health issues. I can remember not liking to go into shops from being so young (maybe 3/4) and noisy places have always upset me. Apparently I was a difficult child who used to have tantrums in public places often, and my parents didn't know how to deal with me. They considered getting me psychological help, but didn't want to 'label' me, if you like. I guess I was this bright kid who always felt on the outside of everything - something that has continued through my adult life, but worsening to suicidal depression, mania, agoraphobia, eating disorders. The only physical symptoms I had were constipation issues and psoriasis/eczema. As an adult I can put into words the feelings I had as a child. Noise overwhelmed me. Everything felt unreal. I found it hard to keep my emotions in check. I felt antsy and on edge the majority of the time. All of this improved when I removed gluten. I have spent time in and out of mental units for depression/mania etc during the past ten years, and all I can think is 'what a waste'. It does no good to think like that. It's only the last three or four years that it hit me physically with a sense of real fatigue and apathy hitting me. Consequently my fitness levels have really dropped and my exercise tolerance is still low. It only really hit home how much of a problem gluten is when I did a challenge after a year of gluten free. My mood hit the floor, physically I was a mess and I am still not fully back on track although I am improving slowly. All of the problems I had previously came back tenfold during that challenge (and new ones added) The only thing that really bothers me is that not one medical person suggested that it could be a food issue, in all of that time. I had to find that out myself. It bothers me that countless others are going through the same thing and worse.
  2. I worry, enough that I've never eaten/drank out since realising the gluten problem. That said, I am stupidly sensitive. The food may be gluten free, but are the hands that are touching stuff. That would pose a problem to me sadly, since I loved eating out.
  3. Sauerkraut is dead easy to make, but a little time consuming. have you considered water kefir? Easy, and done in a couple of days only.
  4. I agree with Bubbas mom. also I've been unwell for about six weeks, panicking like crazy only to find that the cornflour I've been using to thicken gravy and sauces is packaged in a factory that handles wheat products. Stopped using it and finally after a week and a half my stomach is beginning to settle. So yeah, anything like that I would personally avoid like the plague.
  5. Bad girl today, a handful of almonds, and a couple of chunks of pineapple, a couple of strawberries and a cup of tea.
  6. Raven (((hugs))) I too have a strained relationship with my family, my older two children included thanks to illness. I can only imagine the pain of losing a beloved pet. I have a dog and she's been a lifesaver. Totally non judgemental, ever loving, and always pleased to see you, even when you are crying. Be kind to yourself <3
  7. I'm not diagnosed as celiac, rather as non celiac gluten intolerance. I would say there is a good chance given my symptoms that I AM celiac, but haven't had the endoscopy to prove it either way. High stress lifestyle. Difficult child/teenage life which resulted in me striking out on my own at 16, to end up married to a physically/mentally/financially abusive/adulterous husband for ten years. Four children in that time, plus the stress of starting again when I finally got the balls to leave him. Post natal depression after three of those children, one incidence of puerperal psychosis with the other. Financially things have always been tight for me. I have always struggled with never feeling I was quite good enough...in anything. That creates a lot of pressure too. There is other stuff in there, mainly centred around mental health issues which I was treated for many years for, in some shape or form. Now, I have thought and thought about this, and I still don't know whether Gluten is responsible for my lack of confidence, self worth, feelings of being out of control, utter hopelessness and exhaustion, or if the aforementioned is responsible for the gluten problem I CAN tell you it has eased considerably since going gluten free. The trouble is when you have been in that depressed/stressed/anxious rut, I feel that behaviour becomes habitual, at least to some degree. Even now when things go wrong I could still just sit down and cry at the hopelessness of it all - even though logically the fact that I just burned my soup is really NOT a big deal. It doesn't make me the most useless person in the world. It just makes me distracted at that moment in time. These days I'm spending less time wondering which came first and more time trying to move past it and change the stuff I don't like - breaking those bad habits. Not today though because I feel absolutely exhausted Sorry if all of that is too much information
  8. Hey, thanks for the reply Yes, the multivit/probiotic is lactose and gluten free. It DOES contain milk proteins though. I am so confused because I had been taking lactofree milk with no side effects except possibly heartburn (but I had attributed the heartburn to the gluten challenge irritating my stomach) Yet, aren't goat milk products supposed to be more acceptable to the stomach than cows milk products, and yogurt safer still? Gah. Confusing. I have ordered the GAPS diet book and I'm going to give that a try. I just want to be able to function. And to stop nagging the doctor because I feel and have felt for the longest time that doctors prefer to use medication to mask symptoms than they do to actually try and find the root cause. I shall try the almond milk, although at the moment I seem ok with soy. I do not want to speak too soon on that one though
  9. I did a gluten challenge for a month a while back (ended on 1st july on specialists advice). Since that date I have been gluten free. I am still having problems for which I have been back to the doctor. I was chronically constipated, had acid reflux, got a cough, and developed breathing problems too in the last couple of weeks. Now, I was trying to take probiotics in the form of a multivitamin and also had some live goats yoghurt. When I introduced these, the heaviness in the chest started. It's not a wheeze exactly, but more like the feeling you get when you're having a panic attack? And yeah, it does make me panic, which makes it worse (vicious cycle) So, I cut these out. The chest thing got better. Last night tried a couple of spoonfulls of the goat yoghurt....today, the heaviness in the chest is back and my stomach is cramping up a storm, I had acid after it too. My doctor I believe is fairly convinced I'm a hypochondriac, and has simply given me some antispasmodics and antacid to take for the next month. I had the blood test for celiac AFTER being gluten free for months, and the doctor had me eating gluten for just two weeks before doing that test. It was negative. Now I don't know which way to turn and feel completely on my own with it. When I mentioned the chest tightness to the doctor he said it was to do with acid reflux and the acid getting into my lungs. Not sure he listened when I said about it being milk/probiotic related. I'm not certain which of these or both is causing the problem. I definately had a reaction to goat yoghurt. I'm too scared to try the probiotics Is it possible to have this type of reaction to lactose and be ok with casein, or does this sound like a casein thing too? Normally I'm a pull up your big girl panties and deal with it kind of person, but at the moment I am just in a bit of a mess. I feel like the doctors don't care, I'm anxious, struggling to know what to eat (feel a bit like food is the enemy) totally and utterly exhausted and I'm pretty sure the anxiety is not helping matters at all.
  10. I would cut it to be honest. It's full of artificial sweeteners by the looks of it and that stuff will do you no good at all.
  11. The probiotic coincides with the diarrhoea starting? Maybe stop for a few days see if it improves without that
  12. Are you taking any medication in the mornings or something like that? I only ask because I'd been having stomach pains and feeling breathless for a couple of weeks, mainly during the afternoons/evenings. Forgot to take probiotic/multivit one day, felt more or less ok (no breathlessness anyway) and haven't taken it since because of this. Stomach feeling better now but not brilliant, and no breathlessness since then. Hope you find whatever it is that's causing the problem (and hope it's nothing that you really enjoy too)
  13. Hmmm. I'll be interested in this too. I get patches on my thumbs lately but it did used to be across my whole hands on occasion. Does the skin on your hands around the cracks seem thickened too Greg? Mine has gone since cutting all dairy. Maybe that will be the last of it.
  14. The easiest and most pain free way I have found is to cook foods that would normally be gluten free anyway. I've been gluten free a while now, and whilst some gluten free substitutes taste ok, for some reason I still feel deprived A jacket potato, salad and chicken breast taste the same as they always did however. Breakfast was the hard one for me. I was a toast, bacon sandwich or bowl of cereal kind of girl. These days I have either eggs, or I have some soup in the fridge. I make a huge pan and that will last me a few days. It's handy for those times when you're feeling uninspired or just want a quick fix.
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