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  1. I realized on my own that I can't use the Belgium Wafflemaker for gluten-free cooking - it's already "contaminated" with wheat. Thanks for pointing out about the pans, etc., though. I hadn't thought of that! Is a Pyrex baking dish safe? I have one of those, though I would have probably used my Teflon coated pan if you hadn't warned me. I'm busy trying to figure out how to get gluten-free corn meal (or a substitute corn meal) at a reasonable price. My elderly mother lives with me and we both like cornbread and such. Neither of us is wheat intolerant, but I thought if I could find safe corn meal we could use it for several things and my friend could also eat it. It appears as though types of corn meal native to other countries are available and less expensive. I never realized that different parts of the world grow different types of corn and that they process it differently. Wow. The 4.4 lb. bag of masa brosa that I bought will be interesting to learn about (it is just called masa brosa, packaged in Mexico by MASABROSA LLC. and sold at Safeway). I'm hoping since Mexico uses a lot of corn products that maybe this plant only processes corn... Even if it ends up that my friend can
  2. I live in the Sacramento, CA area and my best friend was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I am trying to find things I can make for her that I can afford the ingredients for! I just bought a 4.4 lb. pkg. of masabrosa (HARINA DE MAIZ) corn meal type flour from Safeway. Is it gluten free? It is made in Mexico and imported by MASABROSA LLC in Virginia. INGREDIENTS: WHITE COOKED CORN, WATER, LIME, NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED. All the other bags I looked at said they were gluten free on the package, but they were for specific purposes, i.e. only for tortillas or only for tamales. This seems to be a more versatile corn meal. It says on the package that it can be used for Pupusas, Gorditas, Atoles, and other traditional dishes. I spent half of the day reading different recipes and researching different varieties of corn and processing methods. Now I am just confused and overloaded with information. This is cooked and treated corn, which is then dried and made into a meal, right? I guess that means I CANNOT use it for the type of cornbread I am used to. Is there a reasonably priced corn meal that is gluten free that I can find nearby? I would like to make Pupusas (how do you pronounce that word?). I read about them and I think I can make them. I also watched a video on making Arepas. Is there anywhere in this area where I can get an Arepas Maker? Is there anything I can make with the masabrosa and my Belgium Wafflemaker??? Thanks in advance for your help. Bonnie
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