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  1. I had the same issue and found out,when I lost weight, cutting out Wheat and gluten made a big difference.I also went and got tested and I showed an allergy to wheat but not other gluten grains. Your issue might not be a gluten issue either. A lot of people assume that a wheat allergy is also a gluten allergy when in fact it isn't that way. The first week I cut out wheat, I lost a good pant size and my bulge around my hips were almost down by half! I was so excited that I continued on the wheat free diet and when I slip up I notice I retain water A LOT! Plus I feel bloated and constipated too. So going wheat free makes my body a whole lot happier for sure! Just test it out. Go wheat and gluten free for a few weeks and see what happens and then add back in other gluten grains(Spelt, Kamut, barley) and you should tell a difference right away. Also remember that there are SO many different places to find gluten. Check THIS forum out to double check to see if you are on a true gluten free trial period. Lots of spices, vinegars, food flavorings and personal products can all have some form of wheat and gluten in it. Good luck!
  2. That makes sense for sure! See the Marshmallow Root/ Astragulas was a huge help but I am almost positive that my Mom had a Celiac or just a wheat allergy issue (like I do) and even though her allergies were clear, she was still eating gluten, therefore her symptoms of MS were still a huge issue. Which eventually caused her intestines to continue to tear open and an infection that lead to her death. It's like a light bulb went on after finding out about the wheat issue that I have as to why my family has SO many auto immune issues!! Crazy!
  3. Makes you wonder huh? Kind of like the vaccine for cervical cancer? Hmmm....Who knows? I know they are trying things for diabetes too though. Weird. Don't get it. Would it really work? I guess we'll see.
  4. I totally get what you are saying because I too believe that there is almost always an underlying cause to most everything. Now I can't say that there is a definite "fix" but my Mom had M.S. and had pages and pages of allergies. Now before I really understood what MS was and how to prevent or to "fix" it, I learned that one way to help your body to not "freak" out and over react to everything was taking and herbal supplement with 50/50 of Marshmallow root and Astragalus. She took it for about 1 year 5 caps 3x's a day and by the end she took another allergy test and she only had alfalfa left that she had an allergy too. So I know that combo of herbs works great in helping to clam and yet amazingly enough strengthen the immune system. I also met up with a Naturopath Doctor that I heard had cured a TON of MS patients.(after my Mom died) In fact people come from all over Canada and the states to see him and he was telling me that what people don't understand and know is MS is actually a virus that attacks the body and he treats it as such and therefore had helped so many to get rid of the MS. On another note I had quite a bit of allergies myself and found that NAET treatments have worked well for me so far. I do also know that if they are really strong allergies that the treatments have to be done more than once and that has helped me also. So I guess what I am getting at is ....yes.....there usually is some underlying problem that is leading to all the other issues and allergies that people have and it makes me wonder what the underlying is on Celiacs Disease also. Why is the body trying to reject the gluten so bad. I don't know, maybe it is what it is and there's no way to help it. I wonder if the majority of Celiacs are O type blood or A type or if it's an even mix? Curious to know too.
  5. Also, I just remembered, I do have a great friend that has 2 kids that show the ADD and her main cause IS wheat and gluten. Crazy how a main staple of our diets can cause such mayhem!
  6. I've heard that ADD and ADHD are both HUGE reactions to allergies. In fact, I watched a whole show about a Teen correctional facility full of hostile boys that were in there for a bunch of different crimes and other mental issues and when they changes their diets to whole foods with NO processed food AT ALL( and no herbacides or pesticides), their behavior changed dramatically. I'm talking within days and other more serious cases were about a month. I would definitely consider Whole wheat as a culprit to that. Elimination is such a great and true way to tell an allergy if you can't afford a $300-$500 blood test and visit to an allergy specialist.
  7. You poor girl!!! I am SO sorry you have had to go through that! It really sounds like a celiac issue for sure not to mention how many other allergies you have too. First off have you ever had a blood test taken for allergies? If not, that would be a great idea. It sounds like you already know some of your possible allergens so avoid them for sure. I know that testing for Celiac Disease is so hard to actually get a true answer that almost 80% of the people I know with Celiac Disease never got a clear answer back and just did and elimination diet on their own. A lot of the symptoms you mention are those of Celiac or gluten intolerance. It's a big life style change but let me tell you....there are SO MANY resources out there for how to make those changes in a simple and easy way. Plus you will want to take special notice to your child because they have a 50/50 chance of having the same issues as you do and if you catch it sooner than later they will never have to experience as much as you did. I thought it would be hard to transition over with my family of 5, but it was quite easy once I decided it just has to be that way. Also it makes it easier because there are SO many resources out there Online, the Library, and in bookstores about diet changes and other hygiene products that contain the gluten, what to avoid and some AMAZING foods that you'd never guess were grain free! Elana's Pantry is one of my new favorites! plus there's Gluten Free Goddess. There are quite a bit more but that's a great start plus the section on here about foods and where to dine out are great too!! Good luck and I hope the elimination of gluten will help your body be able to recover. Keep reading through the posts on this site and you'll learn a ton of good stuff and there are a lot of wonderful people on here to help and answer.
  8. Also make sure your B12 is a kind that dissolves in the mouth because the stomach acids will kill the B12 and you'll keep taking huge doses without it ever absorbing into your body. Just found that out from the Dr.
  9. Oh and this one too! So I guess it works great. You'd probably find many more on the amazon website on this bread machine too I won't post all the reviews...it'll get old Five out of 5 stars-great for gluten free breads, June 25, 2010 By GinaCalifornia (SUNNYVALE, CA United States) This review is from: Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker, Black (Kitchen) I finally gave up on my old Williams Sonoma bread maker - after having to go gluten free, the old machine just couldn't turn out a good gluten free loaf since there was no programmability. This machine is perfect. I just use the memory mode and can program exactly how long I need each step to take (and turn off all the extra rises which basically destroy the gluten free dough). I've used it twice so far with perfect results
  10. Just saw this on an Amazon review. Thought it's help 5.0 out of 5 stars) This review is from: Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker, Black (Kitchen) Old Hitachi bread machine (vertical loaf) died. Wife was distraught. Searched the web and learned about the Zo machines. Wife found her gluten-free bread cookbook used the Zos to test their recipes. On-line reviews were almost all 5 stars. The Zo makes a horizontal, 2 lb loaf and has two mixers. It makes an outstanding loaf of bread, better than we've ever had before.
  11. So in my small northern Idaho town, there is a GREAT pizza joint, Garlic Jim's,that offers gluten-free pizza! I don't know about cross contamination yet but it was SO great!! Plus it's only $3 more for a gluten-free crust. So excited. But I also found a pizza crust recipe that my family and I LOVE. Good times!
  12. Just like others said, definitely a food journal and/or elimination diet. Rice, veggies, fruits and meat and then slowly add things back in every 3 days to a week at a time. You'll eventually find out what bugging you. Also be aware too that beauty products, Shampoos and conditioners, toothpaste, things like that can also cause chaos if it contains any wheat by products in it too. Good luck. I hope you find what causing the *ick*.
  13. The Cake mix Doctor is great but.... Has anyone found a way to make a "yellow" dry mix in place of the cake mixes this book recommends? I used to bake and decorate really fancy cakes for all my family members Birthday parties and wanted to keep it up and I LOVE the recipes in the book but don't want to buy boxes and boxes of GR cake mixes, it's too expensive. Just wondering if anyone has done that before. I know she also uses chocolate cake mixes too. Is there some science to it that makes an individualized yellow and chocolate cake mix in bulk that would work well for this book?
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