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  1. We are currently awaiting results of both a celiac blood test and an IgG panel for food sensitivities for my son (22 months): http://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/home/eng/food_allergy_igg.asp In the meantime, I've taken my DS off gluten and started seeing some results (less congestion, less explosive diapers, slightly better appetite) so I plan to continue regardless. BUT he's a picky eater. And only likes to eat with his hands. Won't use a fork at all, even if I stab the bites for him, will only allow a spoon for yogurt, applesauce, soup or gluten-free oats. He used to really like mini-pinwheel pasta with either cheese or bolognese sauce. I've tried both quinoa pasta and Tinkyada pasta now but they feel too mushy/slimy on his hands and he won't taste them. Have any of you tried this pasta from Mrs. Leepers? Looks like it might be a similar replacement for his wheels? http://www.glutenfreemall.com/catalog/leepers-organic-rice-just-kids-glutenfree-pasta-p-1257.html How is the taste/texture of Mrs. Leepers in general? Is there another pasta I should be considering for him also or instead? Would corn pasta like Sam Mills be less mushy and more appealing to the touch for him? TIA!
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