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  1. I should have said - I'm already blood / biopsy diagnosed (6 years ago.)
  2. I'm looking for some help to understand some recent bloodwork. I slowly became anemic over the past year and only...
  3. If she has celiac, the "healing" won't be overnight. If the blood work was positive, it's likely she has celiac. ...
  4. Katrala

    Fell Off The Wagon.

    "Cheating" will make it harder for your husband to take your seriously.
  5. You can drink vodka on a gluten-free diet. It's safe once distilled. Of course.. vodka can cause you to spend the...
  6. Katrala

    Yeah, But Yours Wasn't Real

    Any chance they could have been referencing homemade vs. frozen, etc? I live by the "pick your battles" mantra in...
  7. Katrala

    Heavily Glutened Thanks To Ignorance

    Gluten-Free is a specialty food. Many "regular" stores group specialty foods together. Some try to incorporate it...
  8. Yes, typically. There are plenty of undiagnosed people, of course. With both NCGI and Celiac.
  9. Here is a very good explanation by Skylark when I asked about my results. According to them, the high IgA isn't enough...
  10. Yes, there is a difference. There's also wheat allergies. Pretty much, non-celiac gluten intolerance doesn't cause...
  11. Katrala

    Does It Ever Get Easier?

    Processed foods make most people feel like crap. Even if they don't know it. I eat processed foods and I'm aware...
  12. I didn't have diarrhea but lost 70 pounds over a 9 month period. Constipation was more common for me.
  13. Katrala

    Yet Another "gluten Or Sickness?" Thread

    Fever and sore throat? And you were at a party with other people who could have touched food? Strep throat?
  14. Katrala

    My Husband Doesn't Get It

    Make an appointment with the doctor and have him go with you. If you're not comfortable bringing your own food to...
  15. Katrala

    A Farewell... Beating My Symptoms

    When I first read "mind over matter" I took it mean that those with celiac and/or NCGI can't live their lives in fear...