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  1. I should have said - I'm already blood / biopsy diagnosed (6 years ago.)
  2. I'm looking for some help to understand some recent bloodwork. I slowly became anemic over the past year and only discovered it when I was at a critical level (Hbg of 7, Ferritin of 3, etc.) I received 3 iron IV infusions during the month of May (total of 1500 mg(?) of Feraheme.) I had...
  3. Be careful of Wal-Mart brands. Wal-Mart has done a better job at labeling their products, but they still sometimes have gluten in products that most other brands don't (canned vegetables, for example.)
  4. 1. Look for "gluten-free" label ("a naturally gluten-free food" doesn't always mean the product is gluten-free; three cheers for Wal-Mart brand, which likes to screw up "naturally gluten-free foods" by adding "may contain wheat" disclaimers.) If it is certified gluten-free, stick it in your buggy...
  5. (I'm speaking purely for celiac here - not for anyone who has any other types of issues with gluten) For celiac the damage comes when gluten enters the small intestine. You picking up a handful of wheat gluten isn't going to hurt you unless you ingest it. I doubt a shampoo makes your...