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    photography, soccer, the chronicles of narnia, reading

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i was diagnosed with celiac disease in april 2011. if you want to know anything about me then just ask :)

  1. About to go eat some gluten-free food! :)

  2. hey im 13 and i don't know anyone around my age that has it. i have been diagnosed for 2, almost 3 weeks now.
  3. hey! im new to this website and new to being gluten-free. any advice?

    1. krystynycole


      1. stay to the outside of the grocery store and use fresh fruits, vegs, and other proteins to help create delicious naturally gluten-free food!

      2. ASK! Don't be afraid to ask questions on here...better to ask than to take a chance and be completely wrong and sick.

      Best of luck...!

  4. i have been recently diagnosed with celiac disease about two weeks ago. its kinda hard to switch at first, but i guess ill get use to it. ive also noticed that im a lot more sensitive when i accidently eat gluten, even though its only been two weeks.
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